5 strategies to win Facebook fans

The content shared by the friends and relatives of your subscribers take over, if we believe this announcement made by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook. Grow your fan base with different strategies is the key.

In order to improve the user experience (according to him), he wants to return to a more social dimension. Result ? The publications on your page will be less visible.

So how do you continue to win qualified fans to expand your prospecting market?



#1. Use comments

In recent months, Mark Zuckerberg has shown us his desire to keep users on Facebook.

Native videos and Instant Articles are preferred, compared to external links. To keep an organic reach and recruit fans, keep that in mind.

But what if you also want to redirect your subscribers to your site, a blog post or a landing page?

Summarize your article with a powerful title and a paragraph that encourages action.

Then (now that the technique arrives), integrate the link pointing to your site in a comment, under the publication. Your reach is preserved!


#2. Integrate the video format

Video is a viable marketing trend, it attracts the audience and it engages more than any format.

According to a study published on Locowise, videos have a reach of 12.17%, against 11.53% for photos and 9.32% for links.


As for Facebook Live Video, they explode the commitment! Live video gets 10 times more engagement than traditional videos, according to Facebook.

So, feel free to use this format to energize your strategy, provide live content to your community and engage it. The more your subscribers comment, the more visible you will be to new users.


#3. Being relevant

Talking about your products and services to your audience is good. Offering him solutions is better.

If you help your subscribers, they will be tempted to share your publications, thinking that they can help their loved ones as well. And this is how you will win fans!

To make sure your “useful” content is seen, post it as videos.

However, consider subtitling the videos because on Facebook, most are watched without sound.


Netflix has the formula nailed, using a mix of captions and other onscreen text in combination with fast-moving visuals to create trailer videos that draw the viewer in with or without sound.

Think about adding text

Captions, text overlay, subtitles, or some other creative way of including language, incorporating text lets you use words even without using speech. Keep in mind that Facebook’s internal testing showed that captioned video ads were watched an average of 12 percent longer than un-captioned ads.

Focus on engaging visuals

In video without sound, you’ve got to capture attention using only what’s seen onscreen—and keep in mind that screen might be very small, since 65 percent of Facebook video views happen on mobile devices.

A talking head just won’t do, even if you provide full subtitles. Think about ways you can capture attention with color, movement, or other powerful imagery that draws viewers in and keeps them from scrolling along.

#4. Think local

Among the last major announcements of Mark Zuckerberg, note also that Facebook now favors local news. If you manage a local page, it’s perfect, you will surely see your reach or even increase.

As part of an international activity, try to target different publications on the sectors where you have the most customers (big cities, villages or region). To do this, share news related to your best geographical areas. You can also set up partnerships with other local businesses.

Exposing yourself to the local audience will help develop your social presence and recruit new subscribers.


#5. Create a group

This is for me the most important point.

Group publications are spared by the new Facebook algorithm.

This is the moment to migrate a part of your subscribers in a Facebook group!

Many companies have already made the choice to host a discussion area, outside their page.

To succeed, you will need to find a topic that revolves around your business.

From time to time, you will be able to post articles from your corporate blog and remember that you have a Facebook page, to win new subscribers. However, this kind of practice must remain casual and serve the interest of the group.



Manage the group

# 1 Pin a welcome message
What you can start with is to publish a welcome message or explain the rules of decency to respect: no insults, racist words etc … “Pin” this message so that it is displayed at the top permanently as if you had just published it, for each new member to see it.

To pin a publication, you must click on the small “v” icon at the top right of it and choose “Pin Publication”.
And as you see, you can on each publication, whether or not to disable comments or notifications, edit, delete or save.

Once you start inviting your followers into your new group, the goal is to create again and again content that give values.

Ask a lot of questions, their best tips, Go live, schedule debate, share valuable content.

This is NOW the place where you need to be to engage the best with your community.


With these 5 free methods, you will continue to recruit fans to your page. Nevertheless, it is difficult to completely ignore the Facebook Ads. They remain essential to boost your visibility and quickly recruit subscribers.

To achieve your goals on Facebook, consider combining different strategies, free and paid.



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