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How to optimize the conversion rate of your website?

Optimizing the conversion rate of your website is essential to make your actions and online business profitable. Getting traffic to your website is great, but if that traffic does not convert, it’s almost useless.

In this article, I will give you 18 proven axes to get your visitors to act. Any digital strategy for its website must consider a set of points to maximize its return investment.

It does not matter whether it’s filling out a form, giving an email address or making an online purchase on your e-commerce store. You will have to put all the odds on your side to get an optimum conversion rate.

You can also boost conversions on your website with colors because each one of them has a meaning and can influence online shopping behavior.

conversion rate

1. Include as few fields as possible.

When requesting information in an email registration form, ask as little information as you need. There is nothing more frustrating than having to fill in pages of information that are often useless to us.


2. Adding a guarantee will improve your conversion rate.

Include a refund policy without asking any questions about all purchases. This reduces the risk, and the increase in sales will generally outweigh the returns. If you are sure of your products, there should be no major risk.


3. Use tangible action verbs.

When testing different calls to action, try using an action language that encourages visitors to take action (for example, “catch yours”, “book your place”). Avoid conventional formulas and be so it lends itself to your activity to use original or humorous formulas.

Browse a few e-commerce sites to give you an idea of the formulas used.



4. Use testimonials.

Testimonials reduce risk and provide social evidence. Use them on the landing pages of the products as well as on your landing page by email.

Make sure to get testimonials on a set of points such as products of course, but also the services provided, logistics, your responsiveness etc …

conversion rate ecommerce


5. State clearly the benefits of your product or service.

It’s important to list the features of your product, but it’s even more important to tell potential customers exactly how your product will help them or solve their problem.

Clearly it is necessary to understand how your product will meet the needs of consumers. This is the most important element to trigger the act of purchase with clear features.


6. Pay special attention to your title.

Your title is perhaps the most important element of your landing page. Brainstorm at least 10 possibilities before choosing the strongest. The tests will guarantee what works best, do not hesitate to wait for sufficient returns to make the best choice.


7. Keep the conversion elements above the waterline.

Opt-in boxes and other conversion items must be above the waterline for optimal results. This is usually the area that appears on the screen before scroller your page.


8. Use the video to humanize your brand.

Include a simple video on the landing pages to show that there is a real person behind your mark. The video can be here a presentation of your e-commerce, a specific product etc …

Know that a video can make the difference on a choice of product, reseller etc … so it is one of the essential elements to work for the improvement of your conversion rate.


9. Create dedicated landing pages for pay-per-click ads.

If you’re using AdWords or another form of PPC advertising, be sure to send these visitors to a dedicated landing page (not on your home page!).


10. Include the number of subscribers or social media followers.

Like testimonials, the inclusion of social evidence helps reduce risk and increase conversions. If you have important communities, stress it in your social buttons.

The desired effect is a confidence building and a possible way to take notice of information disseminated via social networks. Do not hesitate to engage its visitors on its social networks by inviting them to subscribe to follow your news.


11. Integrate calls to action (C.T.A.) into each content element of your site.

Tell your readers what you want them to do next, whether it’s clicking a button, reading a blog post or filling out a form. The goal is to extend the actions and keep your visitors on your site by reaching the information and the desired product.


12. Recommend related products will increase your conversion rate.

Include links to content or related products to keep visitors engaged and on your site. This principle can help make a more accurate choice of the desired product or supplement a need by associating accessories or other.

The idea is to offer at the same time alternatives but also complementary products to what you originally wanted.


13. Include stocks to promote the act of purchase.

If you have a tangible product, indicate the number of remaining stocks with the description of your product (for example: “Order now … there are only 3 left in stock”).

However, stocks must be fair and not result in a delay in delivery. It is true that they can speed up the decision when they are close to zero, but be careful if it turns out that an error has crept in.


conversion rate


14. Lose the hype.

Most consumers are too smart to fall into fashionable writing. Lose the hype and focus instead on writing a clear and convincing copy that helps your visitors make a purchase decision.


15. Test the variations of your C.T.A.

Your “Buy Now” or “Order Now” button may work differently depending on where it is placed, its color and size. Test several variants to see which ones are the most successful.

You can also survey your community to find out what it is most sensitive to in the call to action. Ask your customers or Internet users who subscribe to your social accounts, know them solicit for you perfect and improve your conversion rate.


16. Tell visitors exactly what they will get.

Provide visitors with everything they need to know about your product:

  • What are the features and benefits?
  • What does it look like?
  • What are the possible uses?
  • Who will benefit the most?
  • How will it be delivered?

The characteristics of a product are regularly the most important information for consumers. If you do not provide them, the user will immediately leave your site to find them elsewhere. It will come back only if one point or several make the difference. This is an essential point to work to improve your conversion rate.


17. Include a clear value proposition.

Tell potential buyers what’s special about your product. How is it different and better than any other similar product on the market? Do not over-sell your product but value it and think of staging it using story-telling for example.

A staged product is a product directly valued in its use, which allows potential buyers to discover it in a situation.


18. Give your visitors a tunnel vision.

When you create a landing page, delete anything that might distract your visitors, such as a navigation bar and other CTAs Your landing page should be 100 percent on getting your visitors to take a specific action.

Clearly a landing page must lead to the act of purchase, since the information provided meets the needs of the user. Your conversion rate will be greatly improved.


In conclusion for your conversion rate:

By following all of these 18 points you should get better returns on your sales and therefore on your conversion rate. However do not forget that this is a focus on the conversion rate.

A website does not work alone, whether e-commerce, corporate or news, it will also respect basic rules among those listed below.

Consider also the interest or not to have a mobile application dedicated to your e-commerce. Sales via mobile are exploding as the smartphone has passed the desktop in terms of internet browsing.

conversion rate ecommerce


  • Have a responsive website that adapts perfectly to smartphones / tablets
  • Have a fast loading time of the pages
  • Write content from a dedicated tab to best reference your site
  • Set up a chat in real time (if necessary)


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