October 3rd,

Every month i’ll make a review of each most important social networks and give you all the latest news and features added.

Twitter update

Twitter tests “online” status and a new presentation of threads

Twitter seems determined to give a new wave on his platform for the return. The firm would be testing two new features to make the social network more conversational. Sarah Haider, director of product management for Twitter, shared the news.


The first is rather discreet, it is the small green diode that appears on the profile picture of a user. It will indicate if it is currently online on Twitter. A way for the social network to encourage conversation between users on the platform.

The second could be a serious step forward in the readability of tweets and answers. Twitter is indeed about to change the design of its threads to make it easier to see the tweets of its author of the responses of other users. Tweets would appear in the form of cards, with a color associated with the account and a space of withdrawal to emphasize the answer.

For the moment, no official announcement has been made on a possible launch of these features. Twitter seems to take the temperature with its users to know the craze around these novelties. Under the tweet of Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, users seem more to wait for a firm stance on the moderation policy of the social network rather than cosmetic improvements.




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Twitter: the timeline is back!

Twitter has heard its users: they will soon be able to easily disable the algorithm of the social network and access again tweets in chronological order. An option is already available in the parameters.



From chronology to the algorithm

To fully understand the change announced by Twitter, we must return in 2016. The tweets were then perfectly classified in chronological order. A singularity that stood out Twitter of Facebook including: Twitter did not apply an algorithm to show users posts most likely to interest them. The filter-free feature of Twitter began to deteriorate in February 2016, when the social network decided to post the best tweets first. The decision was very reactive at the time, the hashtag #RIPTwitter is very fast among the trend topics on Twitter.

This algorithm was applied by default in March 2016, then other insertions came to decorate, some will say pollute, the newsfeed: tweets “recommended” that might interest you but are not written by people followed, tweets that you might have missed … Twitter today justifies its strategy by indicating that users prefer the application with these features.

Users now have the choice

Despite this overall user preference for this newsfeed determined by an algorithm, Twitter recognizes that part of its audience regrets the chronological ranking. The social network has heard users bored by selected tweets, it will allow them to totally disable the suggested tweets.

On a thread published last night on Twitter, the official account of the social network indicates that developments are underway to allow users to switch easily between the news feed determined by the algorithm and that determined simply by the time of publication of each tweet. Tests will be deployed in the coming weeks, the way to offer this switch has not filtered.

As a first step, Twitter states that you can disable the feature “Show me the best tweets first”. Until now, removing this option did not affect the recommended tweets, scattered here and there in the feed, and “In case you missed it”. Now unchecking this box in the settings allows you to opt for a strictly chronological Twitter thread, consisting only of the tweets of the people you follow.




Twitter plans to identify bot accounts

Just like verified accounts that certify a person’s identity, robots could also be identified on Twitter.

This is certainly what Jack Dorsey suggests since the Twitter and Facebook hearing before the US Senate and in response to questions from Senator Mark Warner, who asked the CEO that Twitter users may have “the right to know” if they interact with robots or humans.


If this new feature were to be deployed, it would not be so for a long time, but it would mean a significant step forward from Twitter on the issue of moderation of content and accounts – and transparency. The laxity of the social network on this subject has often been pointed out, little by little its direction seems to show a hint of start.

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