7 tools to measure your shares on social networks

The success and the frequentation of a web page rest on many elements, among which the natural referencing, the quality of the content, but also the shares on the social networks.

Indeed, a page massively relayed on social media such as Facebook or Twitter is a page that can get a huge exposure and, therefore, a lot of traffic.

But how do you know how many times your pages have been liked, tweeted and shared on the web? Here are some tools that can help you.


#1 SharedCount



SharedCount is probably the best known tool for counting the social shares of a web page.

Simply enter the URL of your choice to find out the number of likes and shares Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, LinkedIn or StumbleUpon related to this page.


#2 SharesCount


SharesCount is another effective solution for estimating the success of a web page on 5 different media (including Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest).

You can choose to display the number of shares associated with each network (“Value” tab) or the percentage of each one (“Percent” tab).


#3 Extension BuzzSumo



The BuzzSumo extension for Google Chrome provides one-click sharing statistics for the page you are visiting.

However, you must have a BuzzSumo account to view Twitter statistics.


#4 ShareMetric


ShareMetric is another plugin for Google Chrome to quickly visualize the number of social shares of the page visited.

However, it is limited to Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit and StumbleUpon.


#5  donReach


donReach has a slightly different functioning since it does not allow to analyze a particular page but an entire domain.

After filling in the address of a site, you get a list of 50 pages and their shares on Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumbler, and StumbleUpon.


#6 Social Sharing Analytics


Social Sharing Analytics works by providing the address of an RSS feed.

The tool then lists recent URLs associated with this feed and displays the number of Facebook likes, tweets and Google +1 for each.


#7 How Many Shares


How Many Shares has the advantage of counting likes, shares and comments on Facebook separately, to better understand the interactions of users with your web pages on this social network.


These different tools can help you gain insight into the success of your web content on social networks.


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