TIPS: 5 ways to use urgency to drive conversions on your site

Like any website owner, you dream of seeing your prospects perform an action from their first visit to your platform. In other terms to get CONVERSION.

However, from experience, you know that is not always the case. Internet users tend to take all their time to decide to take action … and sometimes, it is at the competitor that they do it.

To help you increase your conversion rate, here are some tips to use the emergency to speed up the decision process of your prospects!


Start limited time sales

By discovering on your site a good deal, which is only valid for a few hours or days, users will feel obliged to seize this opportunity.

When faced with an interesting proposition, but limited in time, consumers decide more quickly to take action for fear of regretting later, when the product he covets will be at high prices again.


Use a countdown timer

Posting a countdown on your site is a way of remembering that the generous offer currently available to them will soon run out of their noses. If they do not decide to seize it immediately, they may regret it.

It’s verified! A clearly visible countdown on your page (usually red in color) is far more effective than a simple expiry date mentioned on an offer. An experience on ConversionXL shows that this type of emergency can increase the conversion rate by 185%!

On these “flash sales”, RueDuCommerce displays a countdown in red to press the user:



Promote the demand and popularity of your product

An article that is enormously requested still interests the Internet users. They think that if a lot of people are interested in it, it’s worth it. The more popular a product is, the more it will be coveted. Everyone will want to quickly order to have it before others.

A technique that is widely experienced by Booking, for example, that makes you believe that other users are watching the same hotel as you, or even that they have already booked and that there are few rooms available:



Use an exit intent pop-up

Pop-up intent is an effective way to get people to subscribe to your newsletter before leaving your site.

How it works ? As soon as a visitor turns the mouse towards the top of the page (sign that he will click on the cross), a pop-up window opens and offers him to subscribe to your newsletter in exchange for an offer interesting.

If users believe that the offer is worth it, you will quickly get a valuable list of email addresses. You know how important email addresses are for an effective marketing strategy.




Use the word “urgent”

You can not imagine how the words you use in your titles and the call to action buttons can impact prospects!

It is also the art of what is called “copywriting”: find powerful sentences that will fly and push the user to purchase.

When you use words like “now,” “immediately,” the visitor feels the urgency of deciding and making a choice within seconds.


That’s it, you now know what to do to generate conversions. It does not cost you anything to try these tips now and discover for yourself how effective they are.


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