Switchy: the tool to customize and analyze the scope of your links on social networks

Are you one of those who would like to follow in real time the scope of link sharing on social networks? So Switchy will surely interest you! A perfect tool for the community manager.

But what is more than others? Explanations …


Switchy Overview

Switchy is a tool for simultaneously customizing and analyzing your links on social networks.

With this, you can follow in real time the evolution of the scope of your publications, without going through another tool.

The tool is in English but it’s easy to handle. In case of concern, you can get help by clicking on the small messenger icon at the bottom right of your screen. For now, the tool is in beta test. So, you can use it for free at your leisure. (Christmas gift before the hour, so enjoy it)

It is hoped that it will remain so as it is an interesting tool that could help CMs to measure the impact of their publications on social networks. To follow the evolution of Switchy, go to its “Transparent Public Roadmap”.

The latter is available on Trello.


Before / After examples with Switchy

See how the links can be transformed with Switchy:

switchy switchy

switchy switchy


Switchy vs Bit.ly

As a self-respecting CM, you have probably already used “Bit.ly” to shorten your links. Why ? Simply because it makes your publications more presentable and especially to save your 280 characters on Twitter.

With Switchy, you will have the possibility to personalize your links with an image in the one of your choice, a text according to the platforms where you will publish them, as well as the descriptions which go with it. Customizing your links will become child’s play. In short, a CM dream come true

All this is not possible with Bit.ly. The latter just allows you to shorten your links for social networks but does not provide the ability to customize the text, image and description of your link. In concrete terms, how is it going?

I show you right away …



The steps to follow to create an account

Create your own account on Switchy with your email address and a password. Then you will be redirected to the home page where you can create your first personalized link. To do this, just insert your link to customize in the “Customize your link” section.

You can do this either on the home page or by entering your “Dashboard” at the top right of your screen. Once the link has been inserted, you can edit the image at one of them as well as its title and texts. Then click on the “create link” button to get your personalized link.

Finally, copy your freshly customized link by clicking on the two interwoven paper icon and then paste it on your favorite social networks. When you have completed all these steps, you will only have to monitor the scope of your publications from your “Dashboard”. This is a real-time analysis that you can share again on your favorite platforms.

The analytics section will show you the details of your publication scope.

And you, have you ever used Switchy? Tell me your opinion in comments!


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