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News #1 Yes, Elon Musk smoked a joint, but what did he really tell?

In a video interview and live broadcast, the boss of Tesla and SpaceX was seen between taking a few puffs on a joint.
An event that falls badly when we know that Elon Musk recently confided to being in a difficult phase.
But if this information quickly made the rounds of the media, to the point of dropping the title of the action of Tesla on the stock market, what about the content of the interview?


Invited by American actor and host Joe Rogan, Elon Musk complied with the game of the interview in a podcast broadcast live on YouTube.

When asked if he wanted to share his seal containing “tobacco and marijuana,” the Tesla CEO agrees before confirming the legality of marijuana in California.

As a reminder, recreational cannabis is permitted in the state in question. Explaining that he is not a “regular smoker” because “it’s not good for productivity, it’s a bit the opposite of a cup of coffee,” Musk agrees to take a few puffs.

Nearly 90,000 people seated behind their screens were able to witness the scene, so this passage was more commented than the rest of an interview that lasted more than two and a half hours.

During the interview, Elon Musk mentioned that he was looking into “a plane project”, an electric transport that he would consider more efficient than current aircraft.

He said in a few sentences: “What’s interesting about an electric plane is that you want to go as high as you can, but you need some energy density in the battery because you have to overcome the gravitational potential energy.

Once you have overcome it and you are at high altitude, the energy you use in cruising is very low, then you can recover a lot of your gravitational potential energy on the way down.

So you really do not need a fuel reserve.

Nevertheless, the contractor said it was not his priority, as he preferred to focus on the design of Tesla’s electric vehicles. Musk also wanted to clarify this point, focusing almost on the issue of global warming and sustainable development.

At the edge of tears, he develops: “Electric cars are important, solar energy is important […] We play a crazy game with the atmosphere and the oceans. We take large amounts of carbon in the depths of the subsoil and put it in the atmosphere, it’s madness. We should not do that. It’s very dangerous. We should accelerate the transition to sustainable energy. The funny thing is that it is obvious that we will run out of oil in the long run. There is only a limited amount of oil that can be extracted and burned. It makes perfect sense that we need sustainable long-term energy transportation and infrastructure. So we know that this is the end point, we know it. So why do this crazy experiment where we take billions of tons of carbon from the basement and put them in the atmosphere and the oceans. It is a senseless experience. This is the most stupid experience in human history. Why do we do that? That’s crazy “.

Joe Rogan also interviewed Elon Musk about The Boring Company’s flamethrowers, asking if the sale of such an item was not dangerous. If the latter admitted to having sold the entire stock, he conceded that the idea was “awful” and that he had said: “do not buy this flamethrower.”


Tesla falls on the stock market after the interview

Following the interview, the value of Tesla shares fell 9% before the opening of Wall Street before closing down 6.30% to 263.24 dollars, its lowest level in five months.

Dave Morton, a company employee, also resigned just one month after hiring. He said about his departure: “the level of attention that the public gives to the company, as well as the pace within the company, exceeded my expectations”.

Nevertheless, he told The Guardian: “I want to make it clear that I believe in Tesla, in its mission and future prospects, and I have no disagreement with Tesla management or its financial reports.” Gabrielle Toledano, Human Resources Director at Tesla, also said this week that she will not be returning from her leave of absence.

Departures with which Tesla has already begun to compose by naming the French Jerome Guillen at the head of automotive activities.

The state of health of Musk worries

As a reminder, the last interview that Musk gave before this one concerned his state of health. In mid-August, he explained to The New York Times that he was exhausted from working up to “120 hours a week,” not leaving the Tesla factory for days at a time.

Similarly, the share price of Tesla fell on the stock market by 8.93%, worrying investors and shareholders.

Moreover, several analysts have asked Musk to recruit an assistant who could allow the CEO to rest and ensure the reputation of the company. James Albertine, a Consumer Edge brokerage analyst reiterated this request after the joint incident, stating, “We demand that a co-CEO or general manager of operations help codify the management structure and, in so doing, cultivate the culture. Tesla company […] We believe this is further evidence that the time has come for management and the board to address these issues. “

As a reminder, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the body in charge of market regulation opened an investigation after Musk announced on Twitter want to remove Tesla from the stock market (a decision on which he then returned). Andrew Left of the Citron Research Fund filed a complaint stating: “We believe that Musk tried to manipulate the price of the Tesla stock with false and misleading tweets”.

If the joint on which Elon Musk took a few puffs certainly highlights a part of his current mental health, it is clear that this is certainly not the element on which Elon Musk wanted to focus minds.



News #2 Apple: the acquisition of Shazam authorized by the European Commission

The purchase of Shazam by Apple was finally accepted by the European Commission after several months of waiting. Brussels finally ruled that the acquisition will not limit competition in the music streaming market.


After investigation, it seems that the risk of competition has finally been rejected by Brussels. In the announcement on 6 September, EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said: “After an in-depth analysis of Shazam’s music data and user data, we concluded that their acquisition by Apple would not reduce competition in the market for digital music streaming. “

In the end, Brussels validates the fact that Shazam and Apple Music appear as complementary services rather than as direct competitors. The American company had already put this feature forward, declaring then that the two platforms formed a “natural complementarity”.

Apple and the European Commission, a six-month survey

In April, an extensive investigation was launched by the European Commission to determine whether this acquisition could harm the music streaming market by drastically reducing competition. While Apple had paid a total of $ 400 million, the company faced the risk of harming the European Economic Area. Indeed, the American company already has its own Apple Music service, so that being in possession of the music recognition service could have “reduced the choice for users of streaming music services.” Similarly, Brussels was concerned about user data, which Apple could have acquired in order to target its customers and send them directly to its own streaming service, to the detriment of other services such as Spotify and Deezer .

As the Commission has pointed out, other buy-out plans are also being studied, such as the “Thales acquisition of Gemalto” or “the acquisition of Alstom by Siemens “. It remains to be seen whether this acquisition will allow Apple to attract new users and catch up with its direct competitor, current market leader, Spotify.

Apple and Shazam, cross destinies
When releasing the AppStore on iOS in 2008, Shazam was one of the most popular apps on the iPhone. Since then, it still sits at the top of the ranking of the most downloaded apps, and the buyout by Apple is, ultimately, can not be more logical.


News #3 Vimeo launches its video bank

Vimeo launches Vimeo Stock, a new video library with a lot of exclusive content.




Not so long ago, Vimeo wanted to position itself as a media and offer a similar service to Netflix. But in June 2017, the platform finally gave up this project, preferring to focus on the tools it offers to video professionals. In September 2017, Vimeo bought the company Livestream (which offers Mevo cameras), which reflected even more this change of strategy.

Today, we also learn that Vimeo has just launched Vimeo Stock, a video bank. “Vimeo has long been home to a community of some of the most iconic filmmakers in the world. And as a creative platform, we are obsessed with providing the creative tools needed to create great videos, “writes Vimeo in a post. According to him, the video bank would be a product long sought by the community.

Vimeo relies on exclusive content

And if there are already many similar banks on the internet, Vimeo will bet on its community and exclusive content. Indeed, according to the company, the majority of Vimeo Stock contributors for its launch will sell licenses for their clips for the very first time, and exclusively for Vimeo. The latter evokes collections of videos chosen “by hand” and “breathtaking sequences”.

In addition to the clips that you will only find on Vimeo, Vimeo Stock also has the advantage of integrating the suite of tools offered by this company. Thus, the new bank should particularly interest creators who already use these tools.

For revenue, Vimeo explains in his post that he will only take 30% of the money generated by the videos. The remaining 70% will pay the creators.

The prices of the clips start at 59 euros for HD quality and 169 euros for 4K. In addition, Vimeo offers a 20% discount for paying subscribers of its platform.




News #4 After IGTV, Instagram will develop the IG Shopping app

After launching the IGTV app for video, Instagram will develop another app, IG Shopping, for e-commerce.


Facebook seems finally decided to bet a little more on Instagram. And after launching the application of IGTV videos, the social network would prepare another application: IG Shopping.

At least that’s what our colleague The Verge says in an article published this week. If Instagram has refused to comment on this rumor, our colleague explains that this new application would allow users to explore the goods offered for sale by the accounts they follow on the social network sharing photos and videos.

Instagram already offers an Instagram Shopping feature on its social network. Present in the United States for a while, it allows influential accounts to sell products online. And in March, Instagram Shopping has even arrived in France as well as in other countries like Canada and Germany.


By launching an app dedicated to the discovery of goods, Instagram could encourage brands to be more present on the social network and sell products there.

“When we think of Instagram, we think we have an excellent opportunity: 25 million Instagram business profiles, 2 million advertisers,” said Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, when announcing the results of the group for the second quarter of this year. For her, the data speaks for itself: Instagram is “a great place for people to discover products for the first time”.

The expansion of Instagram in e-commerce would be perfectly logical. Moreover, according to the source quoted by The Verge, Facebook would even think of the long term to compete with platforms like Shopify.

Of course, for now, these are rumors. But IG Shopping would not be the first application launched by Instagram to put forward a use of its social network.

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