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News #1 Twitter: towards more transparency on reported tweets

Twitter has issued a statement announcing a series of changes on its moderation. In the coming days, the platform will unveil a little more information about deleted tweets. A message will be displayed instead of the reported content: “This tweet is no longer available because it did not respect the rules of Twitter.” The information will be accompanied by a link to these rules and an article on strengthening the Twitter policy on reports.


Twitter also seems to have understood that many of those who reported a tweet no longer wanted to see its content. From now on, when a user posts a tweet, its content will be hidden and replaced by the words “you posted this tweet”. It will still be possible to access the tweet message again by clicking on the “see” button next to it.




With this new feature, Twitter shows more clearly its desire to take concrete action against the wave of abusive behavior on the platform. Long pointed out for its inaction or even laxity, the firm now seems to take into consideration the deleterious atmospheres that can prevail, and the consequences they may have.


News #2 YouTube partners with Eventbrite to sell concert tickets


After partnering with Ticketmaster, allowing artists on the platform to sell tickets for their upcoming shows under YouTube clips, the video giant joins forces with another heavyweight in the industry: EventBrite.eventbrite-news


Official since October 18, this partnership is currently effective in the United States, but should in the future be deployed around the world.

Specifically, when you go to the official YouTube page of an artist, a small button with written “Tickets” will appear below the video and allow you to book a ticket for his next concert.

YouTube boosts monetization

With more than a billion users a month connecting to YouTube and the recent launch of a paid YouTube Premium, this is an exciting way for the company to monetize its content. No indication is available regarding the remuneration of the two companies with this deal.

Today with its two partnerships, the online video platform has 70% of the online ticketing market in the US. The goal of the company is “to reinforce the power of video discovery to bring artists and fans closer together. A good way to make the user experience smoother, and especially a new business brick for the YouTube / Google ecosystem.



News #3 Instagram launches story school, to teach companies to use stories

Instagram has launched a new initiative: the “story school”! The program, accessible free of charge, is intended for companies to learn how to boost their business through stories.insta-story-school-news

Statistics, definitions, tutorials … all info to be a pro Instagram Stories
The site is a real encyclopedia dedicated to Stories. 2 courses are the choice of entry: “create a story” or “change a story”. The uninitiated will thus have access to:

Definitions to know what it is and what are its elements.
Statistics on the use of stories and their scope.
Tutorials to learn how to make a story and integrate the different visual effects.insta-story-school-1-news

Among the numbers advanced by Instagram:

More than 400 million people use Instagram stories every day.
45% of the most viewed stories are published by companies.
Stories are a tool of weight made available to companies to enable them to have more visibility. To access the story school and get started creating content for your brand, click here!





News #4 Pinterest launches new product pins to simplify purchases


Pinterest continues to innovate by offering a new format for the pins produced to facilitate the shopping experience. They now make it possible to have all the information on the cost or the availability of a product in 1 click. This format, according to Pinterest, is an excellent contributor of traffic and would allow a 40% increase in clicks to a website.epinglesprodtuis news

The new pins produced help to avoid deceptive clicks. They now display availability, which avoids clicking on an unavailable item. They also display the price of the product, again to facilitate the purchase. These new pins are available on the entire platform: newsfeed, search results, similar pins …

The new product pins are created simply via a tag on the product pages, or by submitting their product catalog to Pinterest. The feature is free, but advertising formats allow to highlight these pins. The format will begin to be released starting today.

Pinterest is once again trying to make its users potential buyers, and to monetize this traffic. This is a major area of ​​development for the platform that wants to go public in 2019. Pinterest has generated $ 500 million turnover last year, and plans to double that figure in 2018.

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