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News #1 Waze Carpool, the carpool app, accessible anywhere in the United States

Carpool, the carpool solution designed by the Google subsidiary, was tested in California for several months. Waze has announced the deployment of Carpool throughout the United States. The application could then cross the Atlantic and increase competition in the carpool sector.

carpool news

Waze Carpool, driver’s side

Like many people-to-people applications, users rate themselves. This feature allows drivers to choose with whom they wish to carpool (only high-rated people, only those whose identity is verified or who can be reached by phone etc.). One can also decide to invite in one’s car only people of the same kind or our colleagues.

Everything happens from the Waze app: drivers do not need to download another app to accommodate carpoolers. The fact that car pool management is integrated into the GPS application makes the driver’s actions much easier: when everyone is installed, all they have to do is ask Waze to find the most efficient route to take all passengers safely. Carpool allows drivers to reimburse part of their expenses since the trips are paid for passengers (secure payments in the app).

Waze Carpool, passenger side

Those who do not own a car and are looking for a driver must instead download a dedicated application: Waze Carpool. It is available on Android and iOS. They can also view driver ratings and choose trusted people.
We can understand the choice made by Waze: drivers already have GPS application to be guided along their route, it is logical that they can manage their trips without changing app. On the other hand, passengers do not necessarily have Waze on their phone, as much as offering them an application entirely dedicated to carpooling.


Can Waze Carpool win?

To win, Waze plays on several boards. The fact that many drivers already have the Waze app on their phone is a huge asset. To convince their friends to join Waze (driver side) or Carpool (passenger side), a sponsorship system is set up. You can earn up to $ 200 Carpool Credit by inviting people to join the service.

Waze does not claim a commission on carpools. The application has other levers to monetize its service, including geolocated advertising. This property could make a difference to other market players like BlaBlaCar.

Finally, Waze is also on the side of companies with Carpool for coworkers. The companies that have the greatest impact on the environment are put forward. Carpool could allow employees to share the cost of travel and get to work faster (thanks to dedicated US lines). Waze does not communicate (yet) about a possible arrival in Europe but it is highly plausible in the medium term.



News #2 New Photoshop Elements 2019 and Premiere Elements 2019


Adobe has just released new versions of its tools for graphic designers and designers: Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements. These versions offer many new features to improve the user experience, especially for the less experienced.

A new personalized home screen
This welcome screen shows all the news, as well as content adapted to your skill level.

photoshop1 news

Automatic creations

adobe2 news


Adobe Sensei, the AI made Adobe will make automatic creations from your photos and videos on the home screen. No need to create slideshows for events, Adobe will detect them and automatically create photo or video collages.


Redesign photo collages

collage news

Photo collages are easier to do with new templates. These collages are particularly intended for Instagram.


4 new guided modifications

Photoshop Elements 2019 offers 4 new guided edits (for a total of 53) to help you save you time:

  • Text with multiple photos

adobe3 news


  • Mèmes :

memes news


  • Transformation of photos into sketches:

adobe4 news


  • Inlay of texts and borders:

adobe5 news


Update of Quick Mode

The fast mode is changed for simplicity. The new interface is more intuitive and offers 2 options:

  • SmartTrim: automates connections in a video
  • A simplified scene line

moderapide news


Guided montages

Premiere Elements 2019 offers 20 guided tours. The two new ones are:

  • Panoramic glazing effect:

adobe6 news


  • Luminance melted transition:

adobe7 news


News #3 How to post 3D photos on Facebook

This week, Facebook announced the arrival of 3D photos on its platform. The feature is a little gadget and definitely does not break 3 legs to an anatine, but can give a little more dynamism to your ads. Here is a little guide to make your shots in 3D with Facebook. For now, the feature is only available on iPhone 7+, 8+, X or XS.

Create, view and publish your 3D photo

The process is relatively simple, Facebook has made the 3D photo become a specificity accessible to all. Just create a post on Facebook. Then tap the small dots at the top right and select 3D Photo mode.

Then choose a snapshot of your image gallery, Facebook will offer you a preview of the 3D effect applied to the photo. Like any Facebook post, you are then free to add a small sentence or status before publishing.


Some tips to make a success of your shot

To succeed with your 3D effect, Facebook offers some tips:

You have to be about 1 meter away from your subject to photograph it
Try to place your subject in front of a set of different depths of field to maximize the relief effect
Favor bright and contrasting colors
Avoid objects that are too bright or transparent like glass or plastic





News #4 Tesla is thinking about making Tequila, and it’s not a joke


Last April, the iconic CEO of Tesla claimed in an April fool that he was working on a brand of Tequila. And obviously, it was not just a joke because the company finally filed the brand “Teslaquila” in the United States in the category of spirits.


Tequila Tesla news

It was our colleagues from CNBC who noticed on the US site of trademarks and patents (USPTO) that the car manufacturer Tesla had filed the mark “Teslaquila” in the United States. It had been quietly deposited in Jamaica last April by the group.

This brand is in the category “distilled agave liqueur” and “distilled blue agave liqueur” – blue agave being the plant used in the manufacture of Tequila. The car manufacturer would therefore seriously consider introducing a new product in its range.

Elon Musk did confirm it in a Tweet, and he could walk one day in the footsteps of a certain George Clooney who sold his Tequila Casamigos in 2017 for a billion dollars …

He even took the opportunity to unveil a project in image:

After the Flamethrower, another wacky Musk idea

While he has just been removed from the SEC’s “chairman” position, Tesla’s CEO seems to have more and more silly ideas and continues to be talked about. He who had already marketed a flamethrower to support his other company, SpaceX, he now introduces alcohol at Tesla.

The idea of Tequila is however not new since Elon Musk had already staged during a fool’s joke via a Tweet, backed by a Tesla and surrounded by bottles of “Teslaquilla”. He announced the bankruptcy of the automaker.


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