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News #1 MeltinLab is back October 17th in Barcelona

news Meltinlab

MeltinLab is back for its Second edition of the Year!

And yes, once again it’s bigger and better than ever – we hope you’re ready for something special!

In April we broke our record with over 340 participants who came to enjoy practical workshops, listen to successful entrepreneurs who gave us amazing tips, some wonderful Startups showing us their ideas.

Meltin’Lab is the fastest growing startup event in Barcelona connecting entrepreneurs, founders, startup teams, corporate execs, Barcelona business owners and go-getting and inspiring people from all over the world. This isn’t just any other startup event. It’s bringing big names in the tech world for you to learn from and meet.

This is NOT an event to be missed!

Included in ticket price:

Four epic panel talks with experienced Speakers

One Startup Pitch Contest

Cocktail Networking with Craft Beer, Catalan Wine and Petit-fours

Sign up here:

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News #2 Yahoo Messenger is dead, but here is Yahoo Together


After permanently burying Yahoo Messenger, Oath launches Yahoo Togother app. It is an application for group conversations that allows you to organize discussions like on Slack.

In July, Yahoo’s parent company, Oath, closed Yahoo Messenger for good. At the same time, the company was already beta testing a new messaging application called Squirell. And today, this application comes out of its beta and becomes Yahoo Together.

Yahoo finally releases its Squirell project

It is also an instant messaging application, but as the name suggests, it was designed for group messages.

“Have you ever participated in an SMS discussion group with 10 people talking about 18 different things at the same time? It can be difficult to follow and even less to plan a barbecue. We built Yahoo Together to solve this problem. It’s a group discussion that makes life easier with smart organization and tools, “says Adam Mathes, Senior Director.

A group messaging app inspired by Slack, to better organize discussions

In fact, if you’re already using Slack, Yahoo Together might be familiar to you. Indeed, it is about the same mechanism. Moreover, some media even accuse Oath of being too inspired by Slack.

In addition to the main conversation, the application offers channels to separate conversations on specific topics. However, Yahoo Together does not offer the same third-party application integrations as Slack and everything has been designed for personal but not professional use. On the other hand, for the moment, there is no video or audio calling feature.

The application is available on iOS and Android. For the moment, no web version.


News #3 Spotify opens its platform to podcasters

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With “Spotify for Podcasters”, you can make your podcasts available on the streaming application, which has more than 180 million users.

2018 is definitely a good year for podcasters, as this audio format is of interest to more and more digital players. And while Google aims to double the audience of podcasts worldwide, Spotify today announced the launch of the beta “Spotify for Podcasters.”

This feature, currently under trial, will allow podcasters to make their episodes available on Stotify, simply by providing the podcast’s RSS feed. Since visibility is sometimes one of the biggest challenges for podcast creators, the arrival of this Spotify feature can really help these creators.

“With this new platform we are testing, podcast creators hosting their podcasts elsewhere will be able to make their broadcasts available to Spotify users by providing us with their podcast feed. This will easily make it available to our audience of over 180 million listeners around the world and will allow podcasters to see daily statistics about who is listening and where they are coming from, “Spotify writes in a blog post. blog.

In addition to visibility, Spotify will also provide audience reports that can help creators improve their programming. “Podcasters whose podcasts are available on Spotify will have access to episode performance, daily statistics on listeners’ demographics, location, engagement, etc.,” says Spotify.

Podcasts, new darling of the web?

Google has announced a new program that aims to bring diversity in podcasting. Through this program, the firm will finance and train creators.

On the other hand, the Mountain View company has already improved the visibility of podcast episodes on its search engine, and launched the Google Podcasts application, which is a bit like the Apple Podcasts app on iOS .

The Cupertino company recently announced that more than 550,000 podcasts are currently available on the catalog of its application.





News #4 Coinbase valued $ 8 billion after another round of fundraising?


In August 2017, Coinbase raised $ 100 million for a valuation of $ 1.6 billion. Today, the cryptocurrency giant would complete a new round of $ 500 million, bringing its valuation to $ 8 billion!



Fundraising to legitimize cryptocurrencies?

If the rumors are correct, Coinbase would be one of the best funded start-ups in the world. The US fintech would be in talks with the Tiger Global fund and its historical shareholders to raise an additional $ 500 million, bringing its total valuation to more than $ 8 billion.

This fundraising would obviously be very symbolic for the cryptocurrency sector, which is still trying to legitimize itself. By recruiting strategic people to its board, Coinbase is very well placed to contribute.

Coinbase was originally only an electronic currency exchange platform and a storage portfolio for the latter, but quickly opened up to new services. Some rumors even say that Coinbase would work on a Bitcoin ETF. The CEO of the company, Brian Armstrong, says he wants to “create an open financial system for the world.”

Coinbase could do an IPO

In recent months, a lot of rumors surrounding the financing of Coinbase have circulated. When she got hold of (formerly 21inc) last April for $ 100M, she was already valued at $ 8 billion. This fundraising, if successful, will show that investors also believe in this valuation level.

According to our American colleagues at Recode, Coinbase would seek to expand further and prepare for an IPO. It made Chris Dodds a new member of his board last Tuesday – himself already on the board of American broker Charles Schwab. Last September, she had hired a legal officer at Fannie Mae and the data manager at LinkedIn to strengthen its teams.

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