How to develop your startup with the help of social networks?

As everyone knows, any business needs to ensure a minimum of communication to gain visibility and even more so when it comes to the internet and social networks. To develop a startup for example, it is sometimes interesting to work upstream communication to develop a committed community.

Let’s see how and in what case it becomes interesting.


Develop your startup through social networks

For many startups it is about projects related directly or indirectly with the internet, either through mobile application or in saas mode or through a service where the internet plays a leading role.

At this stage it is therefore important to work on its visibility on the internet via a site and through social networks that will serve as relay. It’s about having a strong community, able to relay your content and especially your project when the time comes.

When should you create an online presence for a project that is either latent or not started?

Some will say in the end or a little before … but in reality your online presence must start at the same time as your project to make it live in your community. In the end it will be too late! because you will be in phase of communicating with tight budgets to see nonexistent. Everything will have been invested in the development of your idea. In addition you will not be able to wait for a community to be created, as it will take extra time before you can rest on it.




A successful launch must be accompanied by a real community committed to your project. It must be there when you launch your product / service. You will use good social networks to build your first profiles. See which ones will be adapted and entrust this task to an experienced community manager.

First and foremost, you will need to analyze the different media for your communication and perhaps use a social media guide to assess the potential. It’s about making the right choices and also evaluating the human needs to drive the digital communication of your project. There is the community manager, but perhaps you will need the services of an SEO expert, a content manager … you will have to evaluate these possible needs to succeed.


How to develop a community from scratch?

It is true that at the start we do not have much to tell, or even items to share to prevent your idea is copied. The final project must be a surprise and to avoid saying too much, you have to play on the buzz continuously. By creating a parallel universe, you will be able to keep your community alive during your development phases. This universe will relate to your product / service but not in the details.

Imagine that your product revolves around a mobile application that manages the exchange of services between individuals. You do not want your idea looted by the competition or by people with the ability to develop much faster than you. In this case you will create a universe that will revolve around the different services that can be used. You will create content along these lines and use good social networks to share them.

It will not be too much to say and live in parallel to your community, your life startuper!

Your content will be articulated around the many existing services leaving doubt about the purpose around the exchange. The application is an integral part of the project, you will not talk about it at all! It must be reserved for the buzz effect during the launch.


How to create engagement?

Create proximity to your community, get people to talk about the bottom of your project to gather ideas and create commitment around your idea. The goal is to federate even before having an operational service, so it takes added value.

You are a young team, dynamic, friendly … ready to invest and make your project to the rhythm of its evolution. During an interview with members of your community, you can tell them more by means of a confidentiality document to sign (even if its value is not great).

Thus you will be able to collect relevant information for your application.



Gradually reveal the benefits and benefits of your app as the launch gets closer and the community begins to grow. When you reach a certain point, your community will become the relay of your project. On your side you will have a certain advantage to viraliser your new service.


In conclusion

Working on your communication when you are a young startup is never easy, but never wait until the last moment when budgets are melting. At the time of launch, many have no means to make known their product / service for lack of budget.

Think community and base of contacts from the beginning. Your community will have to follow you throughout your project being held by your ideas, your content and your sympathy capital that you will share in friendly moments face to face. Also play on the effects of a startup’s life seen from the inside and gradually share your project when you feel that everything is ready.

Eventually your community will become your base for a life-size beta test. From there will emerge profiles that will relay your app. when it comes out, your content and some will even go as far as writing an article for you.

Do not be wrong and do not hesitate to call on a good community manager to manage this communication dimension around a community.


Do not hesitate to contact me if you need help with your social media management, I am happy to answer any concerns or give you a hand!

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