Social media: how to turn your fans into ambassadors of your brand?

If your business is losing visibility on social media, you can count on your subscribers to help you get back on track. Committed subscribers are the best ambassadors you can dream of!

So, how do you turn your fans into ambassadors for your brand?


The importance of brand ambassadors for social visibility

As marketers prepare to fully experience the effects of evolving social network algorithms, subscribers are a lifeline.

More than ever, a core of committed fans is more valuable than millions of disengaged followers, and they can have a huge impact on your marketing efforts.

Engagement on social networks has a snowball effect. When a person interacts with your message, the algorithm then considers that your content is relevant. As your fans engage with your posts, the algorithm will put your posts back in the news feed. As a result, you will increase your organic visibility.

However, how to successfully mobilize these ambassadors?


Encourage your subscribers to interact

Here are signs that do not deceive: a subscriber who comments on each message on Facebook, or an employee who tweets on each product launch, is a potential ambassador.

In general, Ambassadors are very enthusiastic about your publications and are committed to the success of your brand.

To create loyal subscribers who can carry the message of your brand, take care to meet your fans. It’s the best way to humanize your brand and make your audience feel valued. By force, you will be able to create links with some of them, which will have a positive impact on your social visibility.

You can also use SocialRank to identify your most engaged Twitter and Instagram followers.




It’s a free tool that allows you to rank your audience in categories such as “most valuable” (the most influential followers) and “most engaged” (followers who interact most often with your content).


Recruit brand ambassadors

To engage with your content, your prospects (and potential subscribers) must first find it. Unfortunately, you can not rely on the algorithms of social networks to send them each of your publications.

Here are some creative ways to make sure your biggest fans see your content:

Encourage dedicated fans to choose “See First” on your Facebook page: If your brand’s content is among the first messages they see in their news feeds, they will be more likely to engage.

Create exclusive communities for your most engaged fans: give your most dedicated fans access to new content or send them small gifts.
Highlight your social networks: think about promoting your social networks on all your media: website, blog, newsletters, brochures, flyers …


Guide your potential ambassadors

Communication is the key. Ambassadors are not necessarily marketing experts, so you will need to give them clear direction and help them get their message across.

Create a campaign on Spitche, where you will invite your ambassadors to share your own content. They will refer your brand to their close network of friends and family and can earn incentives that you have set up in advance. Easy, we noticed an increase by x3 for the engagement of the facebook pages for our users.

Alternatively you can use the power of Influence Marketing and copy its techniques. You can send them your products for free, along with a guide on how to promote them on their own social networks. Feel free to provide visuals, as well as elements of the graphic charter.

If it’s about your employees, you can send a good practice guide on social networks by email or organize a training.


Now that you know everything, all you have to do is implement these best practices to identify, encourage and guide your ambassadors. It’s all your visibility on social networks that will benefit!

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