October 1st,

Every month i’ll make a review of each most important social networks and give you all the latest news and features added.

Snapchat update

Snapchat: 3 novelties for e-commerce

Snapchat has announced 3 new features for e-commerce. These new features show once again that the app is looking to become an increasingly effective sales channel with the right tools.


  • The Shoppable Snap Ads: this format launched in beta version in June is now available in self service via the ads manager. It allows to display a product catalog under the advertisement, just like on Facebook. Users can easily access descriptions and details of different products.
  • Product Catalog: Advertisers will be able to import their product catalog on Snapchat while automatically creating ads. The feed sent must contain the price, an image, the color, etc. This new feature makes it easy to automate the creation of advertisements. Compatible formats are Story Ads, Snap Ads and Shoppable Snap Ads.
  • Advanced Pixel Targeting: Snap allows through its pixel to create custom audiences (again on the same model as Facebook) from the behavior of users on your site.


To learn more about these new features, visit the Snapchat blog dedicated to their advertising products.


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Snapchat launches Visual Search to buy an item on Amazon from a photo

This jacket that makes you look at the terrace of a cafe, these jeans that you meet at the corner of a metro corridor … Now, a simple photo on Snapchat will allow you to find and buy these products (and good ‘others) on Amazon.

The e-commerce giant and Snapchat have entered into an agreement that could allow the application to compete with Instagram or Pinterest. Snapchat has announced the arrival of a new product search feature from an image.

By scanning an object or a barcode, Snapchat users will see a map showing the photographed object and similar products with their price, average rating and availability on Amazon. By clicking on this thumbnail, users will be sent back to the online store to buy it. Snapchat will be able to determine if you scan a song, a QR code, barcode or object and recognize the logos and illustrations.

For now, this gem of consumerism is only available to a handful of users in the United States.



Snapchat: you can now keep your Chats for 24 hours

On Snapchat, Chats can now be visible for 24 hours. The application has announced this novelty through a video sent to all users. One more step towards the permanence of the contents.

How to keep your Chats for 24 hours on Snapchat

In her snap video, Snapchat explains how to keep the Chats for 24 hours. You must go to the chat screen with a friend. Then:

  • Tap the menu at the top right,
  • then on “Deleting chats”,
  • and select “24 hours after being seen”.

A message is displayed on Snapchat: “Chats will be deleted after 24 hours. Chats removal is scheduled to occur 24 hours after being seen. You can change this in the chat settings.


Snaps and Chats less and less ephemeral

Snapchat has earned its reputation thanks to ephemeral content. Originally, it was not possible to consult a snap or a chat again. Little by little, the platform allowed its users to review the snaps and save the Chats. The application takes a new step by allowing users to keep the Chats for 24 hours. However, Snapchat does not go so far as copying its Instagram competitor who keeps all users’ private messages.



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