The science of sharing on social networks (Infographic)

Have you ever wondered who shares the most on social networks, and for what reasons?

This is what this infographic (visible at the bottom of page) realized by Promo tries to answer.

Here is a small summary of his main findings.


Who shares on social networks?

The graphics first presents the people who share the most on the networks according to their age group:



  • First observation: the 18-29 are the most active on most platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter);
  • They are hot on the heels of the 30-49 age group, who are even the most adept at sharing on LinkedIn and WhatsApp;
  • The 50-64 year olds are more withdrawn, but still remain very present on Facebook and YouTube;
  • When over 65, they share very little overall, despite a significant presence on Facebook and YouTube.

The infographic also teaches us that Facebook is (by far) the platform on which the majority of shares take place, followed by Twitter and LinkedIn.


What are the most shared contents?




As this graph illustrates, the most shared content on social networks are:

  • Infographics (19,000 shares on average);
  • Articles in list form (11K);
  • Articles of the type “Why?” (8K).

In aggregate, the different types of articles reach 22,000 shares on average, making it an extremely popular content.

As for the video, it is at the back of the pack, but the computer graphics highlight a real explosion of this format in recent years …


The rise of video




In 2013, Internet users spent only 14 minutes a day watching videos. By 2019, this figure should reach 67 minutes.

A dramatic evolution, combined with the fact that 85% of the most shared Facebook posts are videos.

On Twitter, videos are even retweeted 6 times more often than static images and 3 times more often than GIFs.


Why we share on social networks

The causes of sharing on social networks are many, but one of the most important is undoubtedly the emotion

The infographic informs us precisely on those which incite the most the Net surfers to share publications:



  • Amazement (25%)
  • The laughter (17%)
  • Entertainment (15%)
  • The joy (14%)
  • Anger (6%)
  • Empathy (6%)
  • The surprise (2%)
  • Sadness (1%)


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To learn more, here is the complete infographic:



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