The keys of the professional network

When you go to an event created so that everyone can improve their professional network, assume this situation and live it serenely is sometimes complicated. Yet everyone knows why he came.

“To make the network”, even if many of us use the expression, does not mean anything. Create, improve, maintain your network: that’s what it’s all about. To avoid falling into an unpleasant way for everyone to believe that “networking” is the same as going door to door to sell, you have to really see the network for what it is, in the sense clean :

You build a metro network for a city. The city is called ‘The Work’, each station is a person, each subway line is a sector of activity, each intersection a place where different sectors can cross (family, friends, in a coworking, at home). hairdresser, at networking aperitifs …).

To meet a new person is to build a new station on a line. Perhaps it will not take you directly to where you want to go (a work opportunity) but it will be a passage to get there. And you will be for her a passage to get to her personal goal. By remaining simple and honest, solid connections are built between the stations without having the sensation of using the other.



Always finding new stations is not easy. Fortunately, there are events specifically dedicated to the creation of new links between stations. Attending these events is an excellent opportunity if they are properly addressed.

Here are 5 basic points for an effective “network event”:


Human conversation, transparency, real involvement and interest in the other. No need to play a game, the goal is to value what we are and what we do. The goal is not to play the person we think the other wants to have in front of you.
– The trick of Marie-Lys: find a common point to facilitate the conversation and better stay in memory of the other (a common city, studies, etc.)



I repeat again here: “You are great”. If you are not convinced, who will be? Moreover, the games are open, all the cards are on the table, no need to be ashamed to be playing: everyone is there for that.

We do not seek to make ourselves loved at all costs, playing our lives in an encounter. We are not looking for work, we are offering our skills. If you go to the right audience, it’s interesting for them to know who we are. Again, marketing is not selling your soul to hell.
– Stay nice, natural and perhaps wear a distinctive sign in its appearance to once again, stay ahead.



We need to keep in mind why we attend this event, who are the key people we should spend time with. Once again, the first steps are the same: Identity, Audience, Objective. Keeping in mind that it is not necessarily a matter of going directly to the box “employment opportunity” but simply to build several ways to access it.

Do not hesitate to prepare your speech pro in advance to not be taken aback when asked “What do you do in life?”



Knowing how to be comfortable and winning networking events is learning. It’s forging, etc.

Do not hesitate to start with small scale events where you feel more comfortable, then climb the ladder of professional events.

Always have the mind that one can grow his network anywhere. For example, carpooling is an excellent opportunity to meet new people.


Follow up

You have spent time and energy digging your garden and planting seeds, do not forget to reap the rewards! After an event, all these new contacts should not be forgotten: do not hesitate to write everything in a table, or at least sort your business cards. Similarly, if you have started a relationship (“I think I know someone who might be interested …” “I certainly have some interesting things to offer you …”), the sooner you act the better things can moving forward. Do not hesitate to send emails or call to remind you of the good memories of your meetings.

Moreover, a minimum of common sense – like thanking someone for putting you in touch with another – is really important! Remember, you need to build strong relationships that can be profitable in the distant future.

Note on business cards a detail to remember who it is: the place where we met and date, a physical detail, etc.

There are many kinds of events and some will suit you better than others. The best is to try, practice, grow in its approach to the network and not expect too much, too fast: Rome was not built in a day.

The network, we must not neglect it, it is up to everyone to forge according to his activity, according to his personality and his ease to go to the other.


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