Set your social media strategy: Pinterest

Planning to use Pinterest in your social media strategy? It is true that this tool of curation has something to go! Ranked 8th of the top 10 social networks in the world, it has nearly 200 million users. And no less than 100 billion pins are created every day to feed it! As for the audience that you can reach, it is mainly women (85% of users), 30% of whom are between 25 and 34 years old, eager for inspiration and curious about new trends …

You guessed it, here is a sacred playground for your brand that can open up great prospects for your site. Still need to define a coherent strategy … Follow the guide!


# 1 – Defining your strategy on Pinterest

With its Re-pin function, Pinterest allows you to broadcast your content quickly enough and can become a source of significant traffic for your site! To stand out from the flow of pins posted every day, however, it is essential to prepare your action plan by defining the following points:


# 2 – What content to feed my Pinterest boards?



First and foremost, browse through the tool to immerse yourself in existing content: visit the tables of your competitors and those of the most inspired brands. How many paintings do they have? How are they classified? What keywords do they use? What call-to-action?

Then take stock of the visual resources that you have on your side: existing visuals on your different platforms, photos of your blog articles, photos on your site, videos made on Youtube, photos of your product catalog etc.

This first approach will help you determine your own content categories. Here are some ideas of paintings that you could create:

  • Board by product / service universe (be careful not a product catalog but a scenario, try to create inspiring worlds!)
  • “User Generated Content” table showing the photos sent by your users
  • infographics
  • DIY based on your products
  • Board assigned to an influencer


# 3 – When to publish?

To ensure a constant presence on Pinterest, it is important to publish regularly. Brands that stand out from the game post between 5 to 30 times a day! Do not be afraid to stun your followers, the algorithm of Pinterest is well thought out and will distribute your content so that everything does not follow.

Regarding publication times, there are several studies that recommend not to publish during office hours but rather Saturday or evening. The only rule to remember is that you have to publish when your audience is most likely to be connected! It’s up to you to test several time slots and check what works best for you.



You guessed it, to get away, you have to organize a minimum! Take again the different categories of contents which you have to determine and list for each the visuals which you have (or which you will have to create). Spread them on a calendar cut out per week, trying to balance the contents according to the categories (a lifestyle visual, a product visual, a UGC visual, etc.). The objective is to have a more or less long term vision of what you will publish over the days. You can use a free tool like Trello to formalize your editorial calendar.

Once your pins are created, it’s not over! Who says social network says … Social! To grow your community and create commitment, you will need to animate your account daily. Visit other profiles that shared content similar to the one you offer (influencers or potential customers), pin content, like, comment … Take the time to thank each person who shares your content and respond to all comments on your pins.

A whole program, is not it? If the idea of ​​spending all your days on Pinterest does not enchant you more than that, there is a trick.


# 4 – Plan to better animate!

Most of the work on Pinterest is to publish quality content on a daily basis. Scheduling in advance will save you time and focus on moderating and animating your community.

From an Hootsuite dashboard, you can now program content, create tables, and publish items directly to Pinterest. Our integration takes care of everything, which means no additional tools are required! It has never been easier to expand your audience, save time and encourage your customers to buy.


After a few weeks, do not forget to check out Pinterest Analytics regularly. ( You will have access to a wealth of data such as the number of visitors to your profile, the average number of users hired, the number of prints on your pins, the number of registrations And much more.

Save time with Hootsuite to manage your brand presence on Pinterest. Program, publish Pins, create new tables and manage all your social networks from a single platform. Try it for free today.


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