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If you are about to put your first website online for your brand, or if a redesign will soon see the light of day, then it is time to prepare for the promotion of your new site. Your ad will be done once it is online, ideally after one week, because let's be honest: the first few days, some bugs appear and need to be corrected to not degrade the user experience. To effectively promote your new website, here are some tips to try.   How to promote your website?   1. Plan posts on social networks Nothing better than social networks to spread your ad to

The loading speed of your website needs to be optimized. This is a point on which you can not compromise. We will see in this article: Why it's so important. How to improve the loading speed of your website, by presenting 5 tools and 10 techniques.   Why is the loading speed of a website important?   If you read these lines, you probably already know that having a good loading speed is important. But why exactly? Roughly, there are 6 main reasons. # 1 This is the first impression your visitors make "First impressions" are very important on the web. When a person lands on a website

When launching your web project, one of the first choices we face is the method of creating its website. In fact, whether you choose to work with a web agency, freelance, or even create your site, you will in any case be brought to work with a site creation software, more commonly called CMS (Content Management System). It is therefore important to be familiar with these essential tools.   What is a Content Management System (CMS)? Definition of a CMS A Content Management System, more commonly known as CMS, is a software that allows you to create, edit, and publish content on a website.