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The landing page is one of the most important sales tools on your website. They allow you to direct users to a targeted point of sale that meets their specific needs. Unlike a home page, which aims to concisely showcase everything your brand can offer, landing pages capture prospects with a higher buying intention, that is, users ready to convert. Each ad campaign you run must result in a landing page designed for conversion. Similarly, organic search highlighting a specific purchase intent should help optimize landing pages or product / service pages. The design of a landing page is an art in itself, and you

When you go to an event created so that everyone can improve their professional network, assume this situation and live it serenely is sometimes complicated. Yet everyone knows why he came. "To make the network", even if many of us use the expression, does not mean anything. Create, improve, maintain your network: that's what it's all about. To avoid falling into an unpleasant way for everyone to believe that "networking" is the same as going door to door to sell, you have to really see the network for what it is, in the sense clean : You build a metro network for

Have you ever wondered how some people such as Gary Vaynerchuk have managed to create such an image? They are recognized as experts in their field. And no one can dethrone them or discredit them. How did they do it? The answer is quite simple: they developed their personal branding. For companies, branding, also called marketing, is fundamental. With the number of companies present on the market without good marketing, the chances of success are very low. Marketing is very powerful. He is able to take off a business or to leave it in the dark if it is non-existent. Today with the internet everyone has

But what is Networking? Networking is simply meeting people and building relationships. Concept rather simple no? 😉 Yes, but then, what is the interest? Do you have a project of madness? breathtaking skills? Are you sure of being the best in your field? Great ! but know that unfortunately, no one will pick you up if you do not know a minimum! When creating an activity, networking is an essential step to develop. Make yourself known and meet your future clients, partners, collaborators, or potential subscribers! Create your professional network and introduce yourself, create professional as well as personal links. Networking is simply about creating and developing