Why and how to set up a newsletter for your blog?

The principle of a newsletter is simple: send information disseminated on your blog on a regular basis to your users by email. When the newsletter is well exploited, the benefits can only be beneficial.

By integrating the newsletter into your content strategy, you have a powerful marketing tool to keep in touch with your readers, while building loyalty and increasing traffic to your blog. To exploit the full potential of a newsletter, you will see how to implement and manage it directly from your blog.


The newsletter, the best leverage for your blog

Many companies are already using the newsletter in their web marketing strategy to build customer loyalty and growth. A powerful communication tool, the newsletter is just as effective as social media to create a special relationship with its customers.

By ensuring regular mailings (depending on your activity) you will keep an active audience ready to relay your content or comment. This is why it is necessary to include this tool in its strategy to benefit from it and ensure the loyalty of its audience.



The newsletter allows:

  • Create a contact. With a newsletter, you can easily communicate about the latest articles published on your blog to your readers. In addition, they can directly click on it with links and view them on your blog.
  • Keep your audience loyal By having an in-depth knowledge of your subscribers, you can offer them offers and articles tailored to their interests.
  • This is a great way to create a lasting relationship with your readers.
  • Increase your traffic. Thanks to the links in your newsletter, your subscribers will easily access your blog, the idea being to bring them back to your website with each newsletter received. With regular and relevant newsletters, you see your number of visits increase.
  • In addition to providing significant results for your blog, the newsletter is a simple and inexpensive tool.


The newsletter, an implementation as fast as it is effective

In order to benefit from the benefits of setting up a newsletter in a content strategy, you must integrate this system directly into your blog. For this, creating a newsletter with WordPress has never been easier!

By downloading a plugin such as this one among the extensions of your blog, you can easily create your first newsletter and build a complete email marketing strategy.

This plugin allows you to:

  • Create a registration form for your newsletter. To send newsletters to all your readers, it is important to collect email addresses from your audience. For this, you must create an attractive and relevant registration form on your blog that will arouse the interest of the user.
  • Design your newsletter. Directly on the WordPress interface of your blog, you can make your first newsletter using customizable templates. You can then send it to the recipients of your choice, you can segment your audience.
  • Follow the fallout. To quickly understand the impact of your newsletter on your audience, this plugin allows you to see the statistics of your newsletter in real time.

One thing is certain: the more relevant your content will be, the more attractive your design will be and the more your mailings will be aimed at the right people at the right time, the more impactful your newsletter will be!

Try the newsletter today to adopt it in the long term in the strategy of your blog!


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