New version of Facebook Messenger: dark mode, simplified interface, custom colors …

The deployment of the new version of Messenger is underway. Following the analysis of user feedback, it emerged that a simplification of the app was necessary. This new version includes several new features, here are the main points.


Easy navigation on Facebook Messenger

Previously on Messenger, there were 9 tabs, 5 buttons at the bottom and 4 categories (messages, assets, groups, calls) at the top. As can be seen below, all this has been simplified into three tabs: discussions, contacts and discover. We also notice the new Facebook Messenger icon, slightly modified.


The camera appears in a button represented by an icon, visible at the top right. In the Contacts tab, in addition to seeing your friends online, their stories will appear. Finally, the Discover tab is quite similar and offers you to discover new services, play games or follow the news. Companies offering chatbots are thus put forward as well as those offering special offers.

Side features, nothing changes! It is always possible to create polls, send its location or call your friends through a video chat.


A dark mode coming soon

The deployment will be progressive, but Messenger announces that many features will emerge, such as a dark theme (dark mode) that will change the color of the interface in black.


Finally, the application also focuses on personalization and colors with the ability to use color gradients in conversations to animate them as they scroll and depending on the mood of participants or the topic of conversation.




This update could allow Messenger to convince young Internet users, followers of more modern and cool “messenger” like the chat proposed by Snapchat and the messaging of Instagram.


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