Why networking is essential for entrepreneurs and freelancers?

But what is Networking?

Networking is simply meeting people and building relationships. Concept rather simple no? 😉

Yes, but then, what is the interest?

Do you have a project of madness? breathtaking skills? Are you sure of being the best in your field?

Great ! but know that unfortunately, no one will pick you up if you do not know a minimum!

When creating an activity, networking is an essential step to develop.

Make yourself known and meet your future clients, partners, collaborators, or potential subscribers! Create your professional network and introduce yourself, create professional as well as personal links.

Networking is simply about creating and developing a network that can add value to your job search, help you start a business or increase your visibility.


So how to Network?

Different ways to create your network are possible:

Physical networking:

We all know that the first network touched during an activity creation, is our close entourage, then friends, acquaintances, etc. But when you want to expand this network, different opportunities are possible, so how?

First of all, find out about the events around you that are of interest to you (about your activity but also your sport, your passions …), accept invitations, then discuss with the participants and exchange. Distribute your business cards in an intelligent way (the goal is not to sell all your stock in one evening!), Establish links and grow your network as and when these meetings!

Attention all the same: the networking remains a communication and marketing action, the goal is not to waste your time with people who will not be able to bring you anything or spend an evening with friends! Think about your outfit, your speech, your communication media … etc. Do not forget that EUX too may be there to develop their networks and find potential future employees 😉


Virtual networking:

Social networks have multiplied in recent years on the Internet.

Use them properly! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedln … all these communication tools have become indispensable to make themselves known.

They allow to build a contact circle much wider than in real life.

You may even have contacts that you will never meet but with whom you may have a common interest in working together.

The Internet offers a lot of opportunities and allows you to develop your network effectively.

Here no need of neatness but a good presentation written and a speech will prove essential!


To conclude

Networking has existed for millennia and has been used by all entrepreneurs around the world.

Today, many tools have been developed and are at your disposal to expand and evolve these networks.

Enjoy it and do not wait for others to get known before you.

The goal of networking will always be the success of your business!

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