The 6 mistakes you should not make during an influence campaign

At a time when digital is part of our daily lives, influencer marketing has become a staple in the brand communication strategy. Whether it is to launch a product, a service or to increase its notoriety, influencer marketing is now the new asset of companies. But when a brand decides to create a campaign with an influencer, there are mistakes not to commit to succeed.


Here are the 6 mistakes not to do in an Influence Campaign:

Choose an influencer out of step with your brand’s target

One of the mistakes you should not make during an influence campaign is to choose an influencer who does not have an affinity with your brand or that its audience is not compatible with what you want to put forward.

It is also important that the social networks on which it communicates are in line with your target audience. If it’s targeting a very young audience for example, it will be more relevant to have a powerful influencer on YouTube than on Facebook.

Finally, choose an influencer who provides quality so as not to taint the credibility of your brand.


Do not create a special relationship with his influencers

Knowing your influencers is paramount. And it starts with not mistaking a name when making contact! Indeed, the relationship that will be established between them and your brand will determine the progress of the campaign.

Influencers need to feel confident, so it’s important to maintain your connection and know why they were chosen. This will make them more interested in getting involved in your project.

In order to establish a privileged relationship with your influencers, you must also think about the consideration you provide. An influencer who feels “wronged” will be much less invested to communicate about your brand in his community.


Want to control the entire campaign of influence

Do not leave freedom to your influencer is a mistake not to commit when a campaign is created. Indeed, by leaving him free to communicate as he wishes to his community, you can be sure that the brand will be more valued.

The communication will be more natural, more fluid and it will correspond to the editorial line of the influencer. Thus, the message will be better perceived and heard by its community, therefore by your target.


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Give too short deadlines to your influencers

Pressurizing its influencers with too short deadlines is a mistake not to do.

Indeed, if they do not have time to think about how to communicate, test the product properly upstream and take ownership, you can be sure that communication with his community will be less effective.

It will lack conviction and therefore credibility since the brand will not be fully adopted.


Work with too many influencers at once

Doing a mass influence campaign with too many influencers at once can be problematic.

Indeed, if the message is repeated too much, it will no longer be integrated by your target that will saturate. To see the same thing several times in a very short period of time, you end up not seeing it anymore. This causes weariness on the part of the communities and therefore of your potential customers.

The message is no longer received and above all it can give a bad perception of the brand that floods the networks.


Do not learn from the mistakes of previous influence campaigns

Influential marketing via social networks is a new field and it is a sector in full evolution.

Many different concepts and methods are tested. It is therefore important to learn about previous campaigns (and especially those that have been made by your competitors) to use them.

Learning from past mistakes is very informative before launching your influence campaign.

In short, the most important mistake you should not make is to behave rigidly during your influence campaign. It is therefore essential to act with kindness and flexibility. Looking after your relationships with the chosen influencers will allow you to succeed in your collaboration and thus enhance your brand.




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