How to recruit Millennials on social networks?

The Millennials are now between 15 and 34 years old. From an early age, they have been used to digital and have experienced the rapid development of social networks. They are also called Generation Y and as such you might want to know more about the subject of generations: Who are the generation profiles X, Y and Z?

To recruit the Millennials, companies sometimes have trouble understanding their codes, identifying their expectations and finding the right ways to attract them.

What are the specificities and aspirations of this ultra connected generation?
How to use social networks to attract them?
How to adapt to their codes to build a young and innovative employer brand?

Elements of answer in this article.


1. The Millennials: who are they?

How previously announced they have to date between 15 and 34 years old. Having grown up with the internet, they are used to simplicity, immediacy and fluidity. They like the recruitment process to be fast and appreciate the responsiveness of a recruiter. They want to be able to apply easily and in a few clicks.

The quest for meaning in their work is a driving force for them. It is important that their work has real utility and resonates with their values. Nevertheless, the balance between work and personal life remains essential for this generation because work is not an existential priority for them.



Millennials are also addicted to social networks. With their smartphone always at hand, they spend a considerable amount of time surfing the internet and especially Social Media.

According to the Baromobile 2017 annual barometer published by Omnicom Media Group, 98% of Millennials connect every day from their smartphone, on average 2h16 via 33 sessions.

Overall, 41% of respondents connect daily to Facebook, 39% to Google and 25% to their mailbox. The 15-24 plebiscite social networks and instant messengers. They are 78% to use this type of applications every day, mainly Facebook and Snapchat.

As you will have understood, to attract talents among Millennials, companies must now bet on social networks.


2. How to rely on social networks to attract Millennials?

Which social networks are to be favored?

As we have seen, the # 1 youth network remains Facebook even though it is currently losing ground. Snapchat and Instagram are also popular with this young generation. Being present on these networks is therefore essential if you want to reach the 15-34 years and especially the youngest of them.

However, do not neglect the professional network n ° 1, LinkedIn. The social network has more than 14 million profiles in France and young people are more and more present. This despite an average connection time of just 17 minutes per month.



They have been generally trained in the use of this tool and are used to looking for work, communicating through it and developing their network. Viadeo has been steadily losing momentum for several years, LinkedIn remains the No. 1 professional network to focus on.


The different steps to recruit on social networks

Step One: Create an Employer Page

The first thing to do is to create an employer page on different social networks. This is the showcase of your business. You can take advantage of this space to present your projects, your corporate culture, your opportunities … all relevant information for all young people looking for work!


2nd step: Share your ads

Once your employer page is created, you can publish your opportunities through ads (sponsored or not). The advantage of social networks like Linkedin or Facebook is the possibility of achieving a very precise targeting, ideal to reach a young target.

Linkedin notably makes it possible to refine a target audience on trades and socio-professional categories. Facebook meanwhile offers a multitude of interests that will be all elements to target finely Millennials.


Step 3: Use the search tools

Social networks are also great sourcing tools as they represent a pool of potential talent. Feel free to use the advanced search tools available to search for the profiles you are targeting.

Some social networks like Twitter can search profiles by the hashtags mostly used within their posts. A good way to detect talent that is positioned on a universe or expertise that they argue.


4th step: Have a personalized approach

Millennials appreciate human contacts. The quality of the exchanges will therefore be of great importance to them. It is therefore essential to take a personal and humane approach when approaching the younger generation.

There is more and more talk in the community manager to meet his community to create a link and especially the intra-community link where profiles can know each other.


Did you optimize your Social Networks Pages with the right image sizes? If you did not or are not sure check out the latest updates on the sizes for each social network.

3. How to build an attractive employer brand for young people?

Betting on Community Management HR

An HR department has everything to gain by communicating about its employer brand via social networks, especially to reach young people.

This will allow you to create traffic to your career site, generate community engagement and create interaction, which is crucial for younger generations.


Opt for transparency

As we have seen, the Millennials need authenticity and transparency. Be as specific and exhaustive as possible when writing your job ads and give as much information as possible about the job and your expectations.


Highlight your internal resources

Do not hesitate to give the floor to your employees on social networks. They are your best ambassadors. This gives an image of authenticity and conveys positive values ​​of benevolence by highlighting the “human”.

These values ​​will resonate with young people who are in perpetual quest for meaning and valorization.


Use their codes to give a young and resolutely modern image

To reach the younger generation of Millennials, you need to appeal to your creativity and do not hesitate to use humor, to show warmth and to highlight your innovative side.

Young people will not go to a company that is very austere in its communication. They will favor companies that look like them and understand their codes.



Animating your HR community on social networks therefore has many benefits. However, it takes time and a real strategy to put in place. If you do not have the resources in-house, you can call on a HR community manager to help you do that.

Once the young talent is recruited, it will be necessary to ensure that they retain their loyalty by developing a managerial policy that takes into account their aspirations and the motivational drivers of this demanding and sometimes volatile generation.

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