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“Millennials”…They check their smartphones 43 times per day and spend at least 5 hours in social media.

Who are these mysterious people?


This individual was born in the Digital Era. They thrive on a sense of community. They have a need to feel constantly connected. However, is it actually so easy to connect with them and understand their behavior?


This year of 2019 is undeniable, if you are looking for the younger generation., I can ensure you that the place you would find them for sure are the Social Networks


Every day, doesn’t matter is it weekend or a working day, Millennials spend it on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.


I am a Millennial.


I spent on average 1h on Instagram, the same on facebook just with my smartphone. I spend even more time on my laptop and also with LinkedIn. In fact, I spend all my time on social network trying to connect with people.


Who else recognizes itself in this short description?

Raise your hands


We are now the majority in the workforce.

We are the generation born between 1983 and 2001, today we represent 32% of the worldwide population.

And we juggle easily between the virtuality and reality.

We are “Nick-named” Generation Y or Digital Native, –

Saying that we have considerably different behaviors on Social Media, comparing to our parents, the generation X

We want originality and authenticity.

Let’s better give some numbers about what we Millennials do.

65% share their own photos on social media more than once a week, And around 64% of them usually share brands or media content.

These numbers also demonstrate to you how important is for us to interact with our networks and to share our findings or feelings this way.

I would like to use here the term “self-expression”, to describe this need to share.

By getting this online attention (online social shares),  we are getting precious valorization and recognition. It’s a way of managing our image.

Now, look, what happens when you get a message from your friend?



Just the one only sound of your smartphone notification gives you a goosebumps feeling, appeals some kind of sense inside that makes you check immediately who is that one who texted you.

This phenomenon or that chemical reaction in your brain is called “dopamine” And that is an amazing feeling, isn’t it?

In a 2012 study, Harvard research scientists reported that talking about oneself through social media, activates a pleasure sensation in your brain. That is something that is usually associated with food, money, and sex.

It’s why we count the number of likes and getting back ten times minimum to see if the interaction is growing?

And if our Instagram is slowing down we wonder if we have done something wrong? or maybe people don’t like us anymore?.

The problem though by growing up in a Virtual World with Facebook/Instagram is that we became professionals in putting filters on things. We’re experts in showing to the other people that our life is amazing even though I am depressed…

Isn’t it ridiculous?

Who already posted a picture in a swimwear despite on it was February and that is almost 15 degrees above zero? By doing that you basically are trying to Fake, like that is amazing weather where you are meanwhile your friends are covered with the snow?

And you want to show everyone your life is better.


Let me ask you a question.

That is already 5 min passed that I am giving a speech.

How much of you were you tempted to take the smartphone and to check your Facebook/Instagram/Whatsapp so far?

We are always distracted.


So What we Millennials want exactly?

Well, certainly something more than knowing what hairstyle suits or which suits to put on.

We are prepared to do what suits their temperament and aspirations.

Take jobs for instance. Our parents, or at least most of them, spent their lives working in the same office, perhaps even on the same desk and with the same colleagues most of their lives, until the day the pension packet led their way into retirement bliss.

Do you imagine yourself doing that?

But that’s not really so with us. Millennials we often change jobs. Why? Probably because jobs, to us, often need more than compensation or good salary to be satisfactory.

We are motivated by career development, self-improvement, and training opportunities.

Millennials we have demonstrated a strong affinity for independence and self’ expression. We are those, who often loathe the concept of being tied down. Owning a home, a car or any other and such large investments, only increases our inertia towards a change, if we so wish so.


Why not rent an apartment close to work and to have in a nice neighborhood at the same time?

How many times did you change the place of living in your life?

I´m 27, and I have been changing my apartment almost every year since I left my parents to place at 18. During that time I changed 4 different countries.

That was hard to settle.

Do you want to go to places? Get an experienced Uber driver to take you there. That will save you the hassle of buying, maintaining, and paying taxes for a car.

Is that because maybe we Millennials simply prefer to stay away from the hassle of material possessions and live easy-going without the headache of a roof that needs to be fixed for already fixing in two years.

We prefer to have flexible timings and independence. to a 9 to 5 security.

Who has already worked from home or a coworking as a Digital Nomad day a week instead of going to the office, just because it seems more convenient?

We love starting things on our own. We love that exciting feeling of being our own boss.

Our nowadays super-heroes are Steve Jobs, Elon Musk &, Mark Zuckerberg.

We have a desire to become an entrepreneur.

Since the day one I left university, I had the desire to build something incredible on my own.

And this feeling becomes reinforced when I got my first office corporate job. and Day by day I was getting frustrated because of the lack of confidence managers were taking the risks. Hard to evolve in an environment where innovation is slowed by long processes.

I believe that working in any of startups gives us enough experience to become better and to understand the important processes for building your own precious business.

I personally went through lots of ups and downs for the last 5 years, when I have started my entrepreneurial venture 5 years ago.

I could tell you hundreds of stories.

You can have the best day of your life which is easily replaced with the darkest one.

That means you are going in the right direction! That means you will necessarily achieve success one day!

And you know what? I learned so much from it. The best teachers are exactly those THE DARKEST DAYS or fail if you want. I learned from that much more than if I would have stayed in my comfort zone in the office job.

I must admit that the most precious skill I developed in myself is how to connect with different people and different cultures.

Anyone today can start own Business.

The internet and the associated online marketing plays a highly important role in making the average Millennial Joe’s photography skills translate into a thriving business

Maybe that it is this fearless confidence which lets us explore the radical career shifts, moving on to paths which aren’t traditional.



So Millennials is also a population that needs change.

We have a necessity in perpetual growth.

Self- development growth.

We always want to become better.

And it is not only connected to people.

It is inconceivable for a millennial to have an app, platform or even a video game that does not evolve.

The risk is for the media concerned to disappear as did MySpace and MSN Messenger.

So knowing a little bit more about the Generation Y behavior, how to connect with them?

As we highlighted earlier, the fact that generations Y are more likely to communicate via apps and Social Media than in real life.

The most important point while connecting with the digital natives is to give them an “experience”, so they can remember you.

The scientists often speak of the attention deficit of generation Y. By dint of looking at the problem from this angle, we lose the essential. There is not really a deficit of attention, but rather a process of selection.

Let us explain the world.

We have at our disposal an infinite number of contents and a multitude of supports to consult. We do not miss the attention, however, so many choices are available to us that we have the opportunity to read, to watch, to listen to the content that interests us.

One way I found to connect with fellow millennials is through the Experience.


So, do not hesitate to use new technologies to impress us.

: virtual reality, augmented reality, connected objects, artificial intelligence, holograms … Make us dream.

Is there somebody, who was attracted to go to Mobile World Congress this year just to be able to discover the latest VR glasses?

Fun experiences to share on Instagram is a priority.

We want to discover a staging around a product,

performance with a live demonstration,

In short, do not be afraid of to overdo !.

Therefore, as a professional in events organizer, I can say that it is therefore important for me to enrich the content that I offer during my event to Millennials this generation that thinks outside the box.

I first started events with zero content but always a fun place to be at, for a networking event I have been doing in a beer factory, a wine bodega or an art gallery.

Giving them more experiences, something they can Instagram to make my brand more visible.

For example for me, as for a person who works within an event and motivational events mainly, All I wanted yesterday during rehearsals was to make a selfie with those famous TED letters and of course, to share them into my networks.

Highly Instagramable right?


Another way to connect I found useful while organizing events is the collaborative way

When the Millennials are present at your gathering, we have to make them participate! If they are bored it’s the end for you …

If you organize animations, workshops or any other engaging activity during your assembly. You have to, make sure to bring them all together, to make have them interact and collaborate. The interest for them is to weave links, learn and discover new things!

Traditional networking is running out of steam, connecting people with Generation Y at your events will serve as networking. Make them work together. Organize dedicated animations for groups and not for a single individual.

So the key to connecting with a Millennial during an event or networking event is not just coming and telling all about what you do at work. But better to organize and mix them in advance in a particular group in advance and engage to make them with participating in an activity.

Make them have a common goal and be part of something exciting.

I want to conclude now in both experience and collaboration.

So let’s collaborate and connect all together today!, I prepared this little experience for us to make us remember that we were all here for this TedxEsade edition.

So,  now you are allowed to take your smartphones to your hands.

Just before this talk, I have made a post on my Facebook before this talk, asking you to write your names, what you do, and what you dream of. That is my proposition to all of you to connect online and let’s see with who we would like to connect again in real life.

Let’s meet now!



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