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“Influencer Point of View” Interview with Martin Hintermayer

In my Startup Founder series I feature interviews with entrepreneurs with kickass profiles from all over the world. I hope they will inspire you as much as they inspire me! Today, we meet Founder of martininthemiddlevisuals, Martin Hintermayer

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Hi Martin, nice to meet you! To start, who are you and what do you do?

I am martin (@martininthemiddlex) and I quitted my soccer career to become a photographer | filmmaker | Influencer 2 years ago while starting an Instagram Account posting all the content I shoot in my last year of travelling.

How did you start? What motivated you?

My background is that I’m an ex Austrian soccer player who ended his career because I got fooled by an American University who promised me a soccer scholarship but cancelled it last minute so I stood there without a team for the new season.

Because I was so disappointed and I was so looking forward to go on an adventure in a far away country I just packed my stuff, booked my flight to Australia and started turning my passion next to soccer (photography | videography) into my new job and luckily it worked out well.

Now that I have been finding a lot of value and rewarding experiences in traveling the world which I am basically doing since then I decided to sacrifice everything so I can do exactly this forever.

Over the past months I have been traveling many countries (Costa Rica, USA, Australia, Spain, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand… to name some) working full-time as a photographer and videographer.

My biggest wish is to keep going working with like minded people to create inspiring and entertaining content.

How did you come up with the idea of being Influencer?

My biggest dream since years is to work as a digital nomad from wherever I want and this job made it finally possible.

And have you encountered any obstacles in your entrepreneurship experience?

For me the hardest thing working as an entrepreneur is to always believe in your vision, your goals and the reason why you started this whole journey while constantly dealing with the unknown.


Do you encourage anyone with to go with entrepreneurship?

No, definitely not. It is only good for risk takers who like working on their own a lot.

Any advice for people who want to create their own business?

Start now, work smart, have the right mindset, surround yourself with motivated people


As an Influencer, What are your favorite tools in a daily basis?

All the adobe programs, Instagram, google drive, dropbox, youtube


Let’s talk more now with one of my favorite subject 🙂

lets get sunburned 🏄

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How do you grow your community around your brand/Personal Branding?

Collaborations and constantly producing new quality content.

Some of my recent shots:


Martin Hintermayer Martin Hintermayer Martin Hintermayer Martin Hintermayer Martin Hintermayer

So, What do you think about social media nowadays?

There are good sites and bad sites but all in all I love it because it is great to carry out your message in the world even if you are not well known


To know you even better, could you tell me what is your best achievement so far?

Travelling the world since one year living live to the fullest experiencing crazy things.


If I ask you 3 words to describe your values, what would they be?

Open minded, honesty, liberty


What’s next for you and your Influencer Carreer?

Improving my content on a daily basis, keep travelling the world!


Wanna see more of Martin?

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