October 2nd,

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Instagram update

Instagram: brands can identify products in stories

Instagram strengthens its e-commerce features: brands can now identify products in stories, and consumers can browse photos and videos containing products in the app’s Explore pane.

Products identified in Instagram stories

Brands could already identify products on Instagram posts. This option allows them to encourage users to view product listings for easy conversions. They can now tag objects in the same way in stories. Instagram tested this feature since last June, it is deployed today in 46 countries. Some figures on Instagram and e-commerce: 90 million people click on the Shopping tag Instagram posts every month and 400 million users access the stories every day. The potential for conversions via stories is obvious.

instagram update october 2018

A shopping channel in Instagram Explore

The other innovation announced by Instagram concerns users in the first place. In Explore (by pressing the magnifying glass), you access photos and videos that may interest you. At the top of the screen, topics are proposed according to the interests deduced from the users: sport, art, travel … A new chain “Shopping” will allow the consumers to visualize the posts of the marks (followed and suggested) containing identified products.

instagram update october 2018

These 2 novelties will strengthen the links between brands and Instagram. They correspond to leaks at the beginning of the month, which evoked the development of an independent Instagram application dedicated to Shopping. The company may have opted for feature integration on its parent app to take advantage of the large number of users. One can also imagine that Instagram is currently evaluating the appetite of users for e-commerce features, the standalone application IG Shopping is not necessarily buried.



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Instagram develops a standalone application for shopping

According to information from The Verge magazine, Instagram is working on a new application entirely dedicated to online shopping. After Direct and IGTV, IG Shopping, this would be his name, will offer users to browse the product collections of brands and trade sites they follow.

The information has not yet been confirmed or contradicted by Facebook or Instagram, but if this project were to be launched, it could become a very serious competitor in the e-commerce market. More than 25 million brands and businesses have an Instagram account, including 2 million ad agencies, and 4 out of 5 Instagram users follow at least one brand.

instagram update october 2018

This is not the first time that Instagram has tried e-commerce. In November 2016, the application tested a new feature that allowed to know more about the products available for sale and access directly to the purchase platform. This feature is now available to everyone. Instagram also tests the purchase of products via stories.




You will soon be able to buy and sell products on Instagram

The new version of Instagram adds a new line in the settings: Payments. This new section allows you to add a credit card in the application. US and UK users could already do this for a few weeks; it is now possible in France. A clear sign of the imminent arrival of the purchase of products without leaving the platform, already announced for some time. The news should delight e-merchants.

instagram update october 2018

From product identification …

To highlight their products, brands can already identify them on Instagram. She simply needs to use a professional account and request the use of Shopping to Instagram (the procedure is detailed here). Only physical products are concerned, you can not sell service through this. This feature is appreciated by brands because it facilitates conversions. Users who like a product can access the product sheet in one click and buy the good presented on the e-commerce site of the seller.

… product sales on Instagram

Instagram should further facilitate the process by allowing users to purchase goods directly on the platform. You only have to enter your banking information in the app once to purchase products directly. You will no longer have to create accounts on e-commerce sites and add, for each seller, your information.


instagram update october 2018

Advantages and disadvantages for brands

The payment on Instagram should allow brands to sell more products, by simplifying the process for buyers. But at the same time, these purchases will deprive brands of much data to re-address their customers later or to know them better. These data will now be held by Instagram, which could also offer new advertising formats associated with product sales on the platform. We can better judge the impact of this feature on merchants when it has been officially introduced by Instagram, probably soon.

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