Instagram: 10 tips for a great biography

Your Instagram bio is a very short but important opportunity to share information with your audience.

However, to pass a message when one has only 150 characters is not obvious …

But with ingenuity and relevance you will discover that nothing is impossible!



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1) Stand out!

From the outset, present your slogan. There is nothing better to share the philosophy of your brand. Remember to encourage users to comment on your posts with a branded hashtag.

Finally, add a clickable link with a tracking tag in your bio, to know precisely the number of clicks you get.


2) Use the emojis

You only have 150 characters to pass your message and present your company. Use emojis to hit your target.

Add to your bio icons related to your activity, like a lipstick if you are in cosmetics, balloons if you are in the sport or flowers if you have an organic brand.


3) Regularly update the URL of your bio

You can only insert one URL in your bio, so do not choose it at random. Be sure to update it very often by sharing your promotions, a novelty or your last blog post.


4) Stay sober

An organic top is not necessarily a ton of emoji and exuberant hashtags. You can, in all simplicity, present your business and encourage visitors to click on your link. Your bio must be clear, concise and always up-to-date.


5) Highlight your difference

Highlighting what makes you unique will capture your target’s attention. Present not only what you do or what you create, but also the values and virtues that set you apart from the competition.


6) Show your personality

In a few sentences, gain the sympathy of Internet users. Write a bio fun, personal, casual and friendly. Generating sympathy is just as important as describing the services or products you provide, inviting people to follow you.


7) Use line breaks

Line breaks and spaces allow you to present a very clear bio: at a glance, users understand who you are and what you do. Your bio will be more effective.


8) Do not abuse hashtags

Whether in your bio or in your Instagram messages, hashtags are more effective when you use them in moderation. One or two is all you need for your bio. If so, you risk making it dull and unreadable.


9) An easy bio to read

If you have many shops or events to make known to visitors, be ingenious. After your slogan or a brief introduction, give the opening hours and the geographical situation of each of your shops, by making returns to the line.

Thus, you are sure to have passed the most important information for your business.


10) Put yourself in your target’s place

Do not forget to think about your audience and how it uses Instagram when developing your bio. If you want to use new features in Instagram, such as the “Shopping” option, to boost sales, think about how your profile can help you achieve that goal.

For example, rather than assuming that all users are familiar with the new purchase function, give simple instructions in your bio to make it easier to use.


You now have all the elements in hand to optimize your Instagram bio and encourage users to follow you!

Now are you ready to be an influencer on Instagram?

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