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Instagram Stories: 7 stickers to use to engage your community

Instagram Stories are gaining ground every day on social networks. With more than 400 million active story users on Instagram, the pool is huge.

Ideal for communicating differently with his community and working on his storytelling, this video format or short video sequence is more and more creative. This is due to the stickers made available by Instagram.

To take advantage of this tool and to generate interaction and commitment, understanding the different stickers is an asset. Here are 7 stickers to use in your stories, to increase your visibility and exchanges with your community.


1. Poll sticker, to poll his community

The poll sticker is a great way to engage your community by asking them a question.

From the most offbeat to the most serious, they create interaction and capture attention.

If the tool is configured at the base to propose as answer choice “yes” or “no”, it is fully customizable. Thus, it is possible to integrate any proposal and even emojis.

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2. The sticker question, to create teasing

New on the application, the sticker question allows, as you can imagine, to ask questions!

But here the process is reversed. It is indeed subscribers to question the author of the story.

To use this tool you will need to select the sticker and position it where you want it in your story. Your subscribers will then have the opportunity to click on them to write their question. To answer it, just click on the question and write your answer.

It is also possible to answer several times the same question or to create a new story from a question. This will be repeated at the beginning of the new story.

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3. The Emoji slider, to add nuance

If the poll sticker offers a possibility of binary interaction, the slider emoji comes to bring nuance.

Recently arrived in the panoply of tools for Instagram stories, this sticker allows subscribers to express themselves around an issue via a “gauge”.

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Thanks to the use of emojis, it is possible to establish a particular context. He can therefore be very serious or more informal.

In any case, by dragging the slider, subscribers can respond to the survey in a more nuanced way. An excellent way to generate interaction with more finesse.


4. Sticker position, to attract his community to himself

To attract your community to your store or restaurant, the sticker position is essential.

Did you know ?
Note that Instagram relies on the locations saved in Facebook for this tool.
If your business is not listed, you can create the location in the Facebook app and then return to Instagram. This sticker is particularly interesting for the physical signs.

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5. Selfie sticker, to put yourself on the stage and take care of your storytelling

You can now stage yourself in your stories thanks to the selfie sticker.

Instagram not only gives you the opportunity to take a picture and pin the result during the story but also to integrate any image or video in your gallery.

To use the selfie sticker, you must go to the sticker icon on the top right as for other stickers. You will then see the camera icon among the choices.

Click on it, take a picture of it or select the gallery to access your images. Integrate the photo. You can then click on it and move it where you want on the screen.

A good way for a company or an influencer to stage themselves creatively.


6. Hashtag sticker, to mark its presence in the stream

A fundamental element of any social network, the hashtag also exists for Instagram stories.

The hashtag sticker is more powerful than a hashtag present in a text. Indeed, the subscribers can click on it to see all the associated publications.

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It is important to add a hashtag on behalf of your company to amplify your communication.


7. Music sticker, to share his moods

Here is a very unique sticker. It allows you to choose a music to illustrate your story.

You will be able to define the range on which you want it to be broadcast. So it is possible not to use it throughout the story.

This music sticker is a great way to share your mood and spark the reaction of your community.

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With these 7 stickers, you will have an excellent foundation for creating engaging and interactive Instagram stories. Remember that it is above all the combination of these different elements that will allow your subscribers to react and engage with your brand.


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