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Should I choose a micro-influencer or a star influencer for my campaign?

When building your influence marketing strategy, it’s important to choose the right influencer for your campaign, to value what you want to put forward. A question will then arise:

Should I choose a micro-influencer or a star influencer?


What are the differences between a micro-influencer and a star influencer?

Choosing a micro-influencer or star influencer is not random. There are advantages and disadvantages for both profiles.

The micro-influencer

Its main assets:

He is available to exchange live with his community since it is small or medium size.
There is a real bond of trust, closeness between his community and him. He therefore has a power of prescription (and a commitment rate) very strong on products and services related to his field.

Its main weaknesses:

His community is less important than a star influencer and is more focused, so consumer products will be less valued by him.
He dares to show the negative aspects of a product, he censors himself more easily. Or he dares to say “no” to brands that offer him products that are not very relevant to his community.


The star influencer

Its main assets:

It reaches a maximum of people during an influence campaign thanks to the size of its community.
He had time to prove his sincerity, so he established a strong bond with his community.
He is professional: he knows how to put forward a product, to value it by showing also its weaknesses.

Its main weaknesses:

The price. A star influencer is expensive, so you have to have a budget to carry out his influence campaign.
He receives too much solicitation, which can weary his community especially if the operations are similar. And his schedule can be very tight too!


Micro Influencer or Star Influencer: It all depends on your campaign goals!

To choose between a micro-influencer or a star influencer, you must already define your goals before launching your influence campaign.

Would you like to improve your image? Work on your notoriety? Reach a maximum of people because your product or service is for the general public? So the choice of a star influencer will be good.

Do you have a niche product? You want to get commitment (and therefore sales)? And reach an audience interested in your subject? So the micro-influencer will be the most suitable choice.


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In which sectors should a micro-influencer or a star influencer be used?

The choice between a micro-influencer or a star influencer is primarily based on the target your product or service rather than the sector of it.

In the beauty sector for example, whether your influencer is niche or famous, what matters is to choose first and foremost enthusiasts to conquer your target.

For “food”, all types of influencers are possible because it is an easy communication to realize (for example, the photo of his dish at the restaurant) and that can generate commitment no matter the size of the community. Also, promoting a product (or place) related to “food” is generally not too risky compared to the community of the influencer since it is a subject that concerns us all.

On the side of gaming and high-tech, it is better to target expert influencers, so they are mostly micro-influencers (except some celebrity Youtubeurs) because your audience is targeted.

In short, if your product is a consumer product (regardless of your sector), the star influencer will be more suitable. On the other hand, if you are selling a niche product or intended for an informed audience, then the micro-influencer will be your best ally, especially if you work long term with him.



A key tip for working with a micro-influencer or a star influencer

The influencer, whether micro or star, is not just a “billboard”, it is above all a passionate person.

He prefers to make partnerships sometimes less profitable with a brand if it speaks to him, if he adheres to its values, its products and especially if it supports it since its inception. The relationship the brand must maintain with influencers is therefore very important.

In conclusion, there is no wrong choice between a micro-influencer or a star influencer. It all depends on your sector, your campaign goals, your planning and of course your budget. Now you can make the best choice based on your product and your strategy!





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