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Become a good influencer on YouTube and other social networks, it can be learned!

Acquiring the rank of influencer and prescriber on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube is not an easy task. It requires creativity, iron discipline and a keen sense of communication. Here’s how to access this much desired status and yet so difficult to win.


What is an influencer in the 21st century?


There is no doubt. The twenty-first century will be the era of hyperconnectivity, virtualization and cybernetics. In a world so dependent on new technologies, individuals who have a certain credibility on this or that subject are considered models, people to follow.

In other words, they have the status of influencer. These personalities have the power to rub off on the mode of thoughts of their followers. Influencers can popularize a new trend as quickly as they can end it. Their comments and social media posts can influence sales and business reputation.

Influencers logically occupy an important place in the online communication and social media advertising industry.

Brands are hiring their services to improve their online positioning or to offer themselves a good reputation with a defined audience.

This marketing strategy pays off, as long as you choose the right influencer and the right communication channel, depending on the targets.

Companies benefit from many opportunities in this area.

Many influential influencers can give more credit to a marketing campaign, including top athletes, famous models or artists and personalities from the world of television or radio.

Other influencers have gained a solid reputation on social networks, from scratch, or almost. These influencers recognized in the world of social networks, including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or YouTube, are particularly sought after for marketing operations targeting a generation of millennials.


youtube influencer

Master the art of curation

The most prominent influencers on social networks rarely create their own content.

Instead, they use curation to add value to existing content, such as a viral video, a blog post, a snap, a tweet or an interesting article.

These personalities acquired their status of influencer not by chance.

It is rather the fruit of a long-term work done according to a precise path.

Influencers had to acquire special skills and master the mechanics of the digital world to become authority figures in their field.

Here are some of the other steps to follow to get this famous status.


Focus on viral content that promotes interaction

A well-known influencer must understand how to attract public attention with adequate content.

In general, users appreciate more articles, photos or videos that speak of a real experience or an emotion.

The public can indeed recognize themselves through these contents.

Internet users could find solutions to their own problems, or even find a source of motivation.

This kind of content is reminiscent of the human side of the influencer, a quality most appreciable in a web flooded with articles, videos and other resources increasingly impersonal.

Internet users feel more confident about an author or curator who is not afraid to reveal his emotions, qualities and flaws.

The very humanity of the influencer is the main factor that drives readers to develop their community spirit and to build a relationship of trust with them.

Of course, the aspiring influencer will reach a larger audience if it makes good use of good keywords and good hashtags on social networks.


Avoid fake clickable content

Do you dream of becoming a recognized influencer on social networks?

Be aware that there is no shortcut to this goal.

So, avoid sinking into the nauseating and counter-productive practice of click-and-go content.

This unhealthy trend may distract your readers and even damage your reputation.

Exactly the opposite effect of what you are looking for.

To become an influencer, it is essential to attract readers and followers in the most loyal and fair way possible.

Prefer content and publications that respond to a specific request from your followers.

Lists, tutorials, FAQs, vlogs, challenges and other tags are very popular and popular publications by Facebook or YouTube users.

Especially millennials generation users.

This kind of content interests new followers as well as fans and followers of the first hour.





Find the right balance between entertainment and information

People go on social networks to share with their knowledge, first, but also for a thousand other reasons.

The desire to learn and the pursuit of entertainment are some of these reasons.

A well-known influencer often masters the art of entertaining subscribers while sharing useful and inspiring information.

This mastery is the result of a well-considered work on personal branding or personal marketing.

Always seek an innovative way to make yourself known in your field, without crossing the limits of decency and common sense.

You may be able to stand out by the way you treat news on YouTube or Facebook, or by your ability to catch the attention of your subscribers in a fun way.

Above all, do the necessary to interact daily with your followers, a most effective way to install your profile or your page in their daily habits.


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