Can one make a living by being an influencer?

This is a question you will have to deal with regularly if you are surfing the influence marketing wave and / or influencing yourself. Can one make a living by being an influencer or influencer?

A simple question that is difficult to answer since it is not a profession indexed and indexed. And especially because we must not give false hope to a generation that sees a lot of influencers who are in the limelight …. but the others what happens to them?

Just see the phenomenon through the magazine Webuzz in France where it is about including YouTubeurs who have chains of millions of subscribers and Instagram influencers who also have several hundreds of thousands of followers.

At this level it is clear that they live off their activity as an influencer, but do not believe that it is simple to reach their level so far. They experienced the opportunity of a nascent social media (YouTube / Instagram) and immediately bet on it to become what they are today. Be careful because there is also work behind!


Several levels of influence but not the same benefits!

There are several levels of influence, different themes in which influencers evolve and above all channels that do not require the same workload to provide. At this stage the income also differs.

Is a bit like asking if an actor makes a good living … I would tell you everything depends on the name of the actor, although they all do the same job but at different levels. If you want to compare Brad Pitt to a second-tier player, there will inevitably be a huge gap in earnings, but in both cases, they will live on what they earn for their work. More difficult for a second-class actor if he does not have a film project regularly.

In influencer marketing, many parameters will be mentioned such as the number of partnerships, the brands that will appeal to influencers, the size of the communities, the engagement of the communities, the social networks used, the themes and various details that will define a level. income ranging from a few hundred euros, see nothing but benefits, up to a few thousand or hundreds of thousands of euros.

Influencers in the trip, for example, are regularly unpaid because of the advantages of traveling for all expenses paid (stay, pension etc …) for a week to a month. But eventually, some influencers see that this is not what puts food on the plate and who pays the bills!




The biggest travel influencers are of course paid. Taking photos and making videos at an acceptable level already requires good material, which is an investment … and then a time to devote to editing.
Do influencers benefit from the landscape in the end?

To make a living as an influencer, is it possible then?

Yes and no !

To stop the disappointment of those who want to become so, let’s say right away: NO! Why ? because it does not happen to be an influencer and if the question is asked is that it comes from a person curious about the phenomenon or a person wishing to become an influencer or influencer.

Outside this is not the way to go! Of course I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that many influencers and influencers earn well and comfortably their lives, but they are far from being the majority of all influencers existing to date. Then you have those who have become so through their work, their expertise and perseverance … although they have not sought to become one again.

These are mainly Bloggers, Instagrameurs and YouTubeurs because these 3 channels are today the most solicited by the brands. Influential bloggers give brands visibility and even long-term visibility if we talk about a job in SEO, as for Instagram it is mostly about “push” operations to gain visibility over a very short period. However the social network is very popular and can share photos and videos with ease.

YouTube is between the two because there is a referencing of videos and we can easily go back at any time because of this. But being YouTubeur is also a vocation that is not offered to everyone.

It can also be said in the long run that the more influencers there are, the more competition there will be which will directly influence the remuneration granted to influencers. The gap will widen further between macro-influencers and micro-influencers.

Remember that you could be an influencer but do not control the business and management of what it represents, or not have enough partnerships to declare live. It may be necessary to find a balance between a real job and your passion.


However, we will answer yes for those who have pierced and who have reached the stage of influencer, and this, without seeking it. From this observation they have made their business, a job that will ensure for a large part of them a more or less comfortable salary. They simply persevered by mixing an engine that is a common denominator to many influencers; passion !



Do not think, however, that you should seek to practice this profession before doing your job well or being passionate about what you do, because nothing says that you will be spotted by a brand or that you will stand out from the crowd according to your passion . The trap is to want to break into a very promising theme without being interested or passionate on the pretext that the influence is growing.

If you are passionate about a universe, do not ask yourself questions … work and do what you have to do. Let nature take its course.

It’s up to you to see which side of the fence you would like to be!

At what level can we talk about profitability as an influencer?

It is a question of lifestyle, but if you can generate a regular net income of 2500 € to 3000 € / month it starts to become profitable depending on the status adopted, because you will have expenses to pay. Beyond that becomes a full-time job if you are certain (it is rarely the case nevertheless) to have work throughout the year.

What about the month of August, slack periods and therefore the visibility you could have in the short medium / term? Again it is difficult to predict because the brands are not regular in the missions they deploy and they do not necessarily use the same influencers.




That’s why it’s an area where the opportunity is there and the ethics sometimes a little chipped of this fact! Some influencers accept everything that comes under pain of not being able to live properly … but is it relevant for this? can we also expect a day when it will become possible to choose and know how to say no? You have to be honest on the subject and it’s again very difficult to decide for a majority of influencers.

Big influencers are also often assigned to at least one brand or managed by an agency, an agent or other. At this stage they must fulfill certain objectives and are no longer really masters of themselves.

Being an independent influencer and making a good living is therefore reserved for a small handful of people who know how to combine business and passion without looking for more. Many of them have an ethic and refuse to promote what does not fit into their vision.


In conclusion

You would have understood it ! Do not try to become an influencer. Do your job, be passionate about what you do and do it well. One day you will then perhaps have the chance or the honor to win your first euros thanks to this passion.

Do not lose it and keep your ethics if you want to get far in recognition. In income, it’s something else … stay simple and just what you need to live. The rest … see it as extra.

Finally, keep in mind that everything can stop or be redefined according to the rules of the net!


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