How to become an influencer on Instagram?

Can we become an influencer on Instagram? Instagram has become in a short time the favorite social network of influencers but also for marketing influence. What does influencers’ work on Instagram mean, and is it an open door to becoming one?

How to become an influencer on Instagram?

Instagram! it is still more than 16 million mobile users who frequent the social network, become handily the favorite channel of influencers. They are more than 800 million in the world to attend the network dedicated to photography.

How has the world of influence marketing engulfed this social network to the point of capitalizing all of its actions for certain agencies and / or platforms? Certainly because the brands have also scoured the vein to communicate to ultra-qualified targets.

Communication through the image created by the social network and the famous Instagram hashtags, allow consumers to quickly capture a message relayed by influencers and influencers.


influenceur sur Instagram


If the influencers swear by Instagram the question arises among the instagramers budding:

How does one become an influencer on Instagram … or can one become one?

First of all, let’s redefine the influencer from a digital point of view and the dimension of influence marketing.


What is an influencer from a digital point of view?

The influencer on the internet is a person who in a few months or years has federated a community around a center of interest, a subject, a cause or any other area offering attraction. This is often a passion and a real motivation to invest in a universe.

Whether in the field of fashion, beauty, travel or hi-tech, Instagram can answer all of these themes if you have ideas and creativity to spare.

Influence is therefore mainly measured by the ability to bring together a community that is sufficiently important and committed to what the influencer shares. Having a few tens of thousands of subscribers can sometimes be a sufficient criterion to claim to be influencer on Instagram. It remains to demonstrate then the commitment on its publications.


The influencer community

A committed community is ready to relay the contents shared by the influencers on the channels where they are present such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Linkedin or via blogs where many influencers deal with different themes.

La communauté de l'influenceur


Creating your community on Instagram is definitely the hardest thing to start if you do not have the idea of the century and if you start from scratch. If the influencer took care of his work to build his community, he must maintain it and regularly provide relevant content.

Becoming influencer on Instagram as everywhere else is a work of regularity that can quickly lead you to lose everything and your community with, if you neglect certain parameters. So you have to be regular at the start, be relevant to your content, interact with your fans, etc …!

What is the community doing here the influencer and not the other way around.


Influence marketing

An influencer on the internet, it is today the perfect prescriber for brands. On well-conducted influence marketing actions, key sales are assured for brands.

Influence marketing is neither more nor less than the marketing dimension that deals with influence, that is to say the universe that brings together the influencers involved in campaigns. We are talking about strategies to use influencers to promote a product or service, via digital channels such as social networks.

This dimension is managed by the influence marketing agency which will be in charge of developing campaigns for brands, until the choice of influencers and influencers to intervene.


In 2018 the marketing of influence starts on all floors and hardly a day goes by without a media giving him an article.


Influencers have become the new brand prescribers by moving from top-tail influencer to micro-influencer, it is still necessary to understand the mechanics before becoming an influencer or at least seek to become.


Micro-influencers vs. macro-influencers in influencer marketing.



How to become an influencer on Instagram?

Know first and foremost the influencers’ behavior on Instagram and what they share on the social network. The influencer on Instagram is not the same as on YouTube, let alone Facebook or elsewhere.

It would be difficult for an influencer to have an editorial line totally different from one social network to another. For that, we must recognize the influencer who will have made Instagram his favorite network to study his career. If an influencer can easily take his community from one social network to another, it must be recognized that he can not divide and be effective everywhere at once.

The 2 social networks that work well together are regularly Instagram and Twitter or YouTube and Twitter … see the 3 but the publications remain mostly identical.

The video on YouTube is a lever apart if you want to compare it to Instagram, because on one side the visual is in the spotlight against the video of the other … although Instagram offers short video formats and many influencers bet on it.


Passion and creativity at the heart of the influence on Instagram

Becoming an influencer on Instagram therefore requires knowing how to model on peers and then shape your own style so that it is recognizable. It’s not about imitating an Instagram influence artist by replicating what he does, but about why he does it and how he does it!

Becoming influencer on Instragram is also knowing how to integrate and associate several points, the first of which will be a base for the rest:

Rule # 1 brings us back to earth! We do not seek to become influencer on Instagram as it is not a real goal. We come down to earth and analyze what the work of influencers on Instagram and if possible on its favorite theme.

The reality of the influence on Instagram is revealed in the passion and creativity of its users. If you invest yourself on Instagram with passion by bringing a lot of creativity to your publications, you will stand out.

Then you have to create your own style and make a recognizable footprint among network users.

Devenir influenceur sur Instagram


Instagram filters are not enough to bring this key that will make the difference, it takes more, hence the need to analyze what already do influencers.


The influencer’s many qualities on Instagram can be found among the following:

  • Choosing the right theme
  • Establish a strong editorial line
  • Passion
  • Creativity
  • originality
  • Time investment
  • The regularity of publications
  • Know how to make good pictures
  • Video editing skills
  • Share at the right time
  • Use the good Instagram hashtags without exaggerating (5 to 6 per post)
  • Knowing how to put on stage
  • Know how to engage your community and communicate
  • Meet with your community to weld engagement
  • Create partnerships to win virality
  • Participate in events, meetings
  • Self-talk skills outside of Instagram

If we can further expand the list, we must also be able to find ourselves within these various points raised. Some are in relief because essential to make the difference. Being influencer on Instagram is also a lot of work and a long period of patience to cross where nothing will happen, because it is also necessary to build and engage his community.

At the first touch of a brand, it’s the spark that will trigger everything! but do not wait for strong partnerships before having a dense community (tens of thousands of subscribers). Brands often favor large communities but without ignoring the small Instagram accounts that are sometimes more engaging.


Being influencer on Instagram requires work and creativity

Being an influencer on Instagram is not given to everyone, let alone if you are not ready to work and to be creative. Remember a few years ago Zach King.

Zach King is an influencer who has gone from the Vine social network to Instagram by staying on the niche of the video. It’s one of the biggest influencers on the social network with over 21.6 million subscribers. He specializes in special effects for video editing.

These small videos are mostly viewed by millions of people with an explosive engagement rate for each of them. His talent is based on creativity around special effects and especially the perfect timing in his video editing.


Instagram account of influencer Zach King

So go watch some videos of this Instagram influencer to see the work that it represents. So it is clear that in this register it takes real skills and that the work of Zach King is here proven.

However we do not ask all Instagram influencers to have this same talent and fortunately. You need diversity and know how to interest your audience.




Clearly we do not become influencer on Instagram around any universe and with such a growing success. You really have to be comfortable on its theme and know how to bring the key that will make the difference.

Becoming an influencer on Instagram is also first and foremost doing its work around its theme, knowing how to position itself on good hashtags and engage a lot in its community. Initially it will probably be very active to show and win its first subscribers …. but after ?

After as mentioned beforehand it is patience in the regularity and also knowing how to measure its results by publication, to probe his community on his universe etc …


There is no age to become an influencer on Instagram

It is a fact ! there is no age to become an influencer on Instagram. Influencers from under 20 to over 40 are found. Once again, passion is the driving force of this ecosystem.



Can we consider becoming a professional instagram influencer?

By professional is considered here “live” and if it is a topic sometimes thorny , it must still know that some influencers live their passion in everyday life. This is not reserved for all influencers but some and some fare more than honorably.

The platforms that connect brands and influencers are the first doors to get a foot in the small world of influence and to earn a few hundred euros. However, many people stop at this stage.

Becoming an influencer on Instagram is also knowing how to solicit and show oneself to brands by asking them intelligently.

Living with passion as an influencer on Instagram is not the goal to look for. Time must be allowed for time and if an opportunity comes, then it must be grasped and persevered.




Once again watch the influencers, read their news and discover their world to see if it suits you and do not think that it is a universe where we go soft!


Platforms for influencers on Instagram

Influence marketing platforms that highlight campaigns to relay on Instagram, there are many. Influencers just have to register and apply for different proposals.

This is particularly the case for platforms that launch micro-influence campaigns where there is no question here of macro-influencers, who work with agencies or live with brands according to agreements made for partnerships.

If these platforms that serve as intermediaries between brands and influencers are thriving on the internet, we must not squeeze them out to gain influence and to be spotted.

Platforms are great stepping stones to get started and get their hands on some campaign briefs.


What is an influencer’s pay on Instagram?

This is a question to which an absolute answer is not attached. It’s a matter of theme, community, commitment, capacity, skills, etc.

A simple post can go from 100 € to several thousand euros according to certain criteria and certain themes. But do not forget that brands are very concerned about the size of the community and more and more about community engagement among influencers.

We must master a set of parameters to be well paid.



It is not a question of inflating one’s community at the risk of losing any commitment behind it.

Some influencers also stick to the benefits as travel influencers who leave all expenses paid in various and varied countries … but be careful because it does not pay the bills!

The remuneration of Instagram influencers is not really calibrated in France and for that it is enough to see the different levels of influence that are measured again by the size of the communities. If you have a community with 500,000 followers you will have a much better reward than an Instagram influencer who will have 50,000 followers but perhaps with a better commitment.

Like what the size of a community is not everything! On the contrary, commitment is synonymous with a better qualification of followers or better community management. More and more people are considering this value in influencer marketing.

We can also raise the charisma of some influencers who make sense for some brands, without having tens of thousands of followers.


In summary about becoming an influencer on Instagram

Is not an Instagram influencer who wants! If you put your passion and your creativity forward it is already a first point. If you are patient, persevering and ready to invest, it’s even better.

But the road can be long to become an influencer on Instagram!

Analyze influencers and learn from them by seeing how they started and what they share, how they interact etc …

And to finish ! Do not look to become an influencer on Instagram, but do your homework and let the time and effort go to reward you. Regularity is also to be considered and not neglected.




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