Influence marketing on Youtube: a new form of digital marketing

The exponential growth of adblockers encourages brands to innovate in terms of advertising techniques. Currently, the trend is turning to influence marketing.

Influence marketing is the communication strategy that makes it possible to use referral potential through influential people on the web and social networks.

Thanks to this technique, the brand improves its image or notoriety by a targeted communication.
Influence marketing is organized in 3 key steps:

  • determine the target and potential buyers of the brand
  • identify influencers who have a similar audience
  • relay information from these opinion leaders


Influence marketing on Youtube …

By the influencers

Influence marketing on the social media Youtube now targets the most recognized youtubers on their theme: cooking, lifestyle, beauty, gaming, humor, etc.

Today, macro-influencers emerge from the platform and become self-immersive in the influence marketing system.

Platforms such as Octoly in France or Influenster in the United States allow the latter to order free products to brands, in return for a product review posted on the web.

Perception and buying influence

YouTube opinion leaders are at the root of trends, experts in a category and have the power to change perception and to have a buying influence with their committed community (subscribers).

Youtube in numbers

4,054 million unique visitors a day in France.
23.397 million per month on desktop.
25.7 million per month on mobile.
2/3 of users go to YouTube several times a day.
48% of them are between 25 and 49 years old.
49% are women and 40% are parents.


The phenomenon of the media individual

Brands have become aware of this craze around digital and especially around the Youtube platform.

They try to reach a targeted audience of quality rather than focusing on quantity.

It is a market that is developing and that favors the phenomenon of the individual media.

This growth is explained in particular by the decrease in the audience of the press and TV on young targets, brands therefore prefer to invest in influencer marketing by paying brand ambassadors.


An authentic and attractive message

Opinion leaders know their audiences, they have evolved with and through their subscribers.

They are able to create content that concerns and challenges them.

The proximity created between the youtubeur and his committed community has established a climate of trust where the messages conveyed seem authentic and attractive, more than just advertising.

They are real assets for brands because they have a much lower cost than other means of communication for better targeting.


Collaboration and partnership, a strategic choice for brands

Influence marketing is a relevant long-term strategy in many situations:

  • The launch of a product
  • Promotion through content delivery
  • The organization of events
  • Crisis management corporate communication
  • YouTube is particularly special because it works well at every part of the funnel — offering both visual branding opportunity and attributable traffic to your site.

YouTube influencer marketing is great because it can both educate consumers about your brand and drive conversion in one fell swoop.



Making contact with Youtube influencers

Brands must respect the requirements of opinion leaders to accept collaboration.

They value their audience and can not afford to disappoint.

The relations with these are most often entrusted to a specialized agency or platform.

The different techniques of influence marketing used on Youtube:

  • buzzkit (branded product pack specially designed for influencers)
  • Youtube product placement
  • influencer trips (retransmitted through a vlog format)
  • creation of an influencer web series hosted on the advertiser / partner channel (example: Coca Cola)
  • event invitations (broadcast of the event on the YouTube channel of the influencer)
  • sample, free trials, etc.


Identifying YouTube influencers is a healthy mix of art and science.

There are obvious markers of a good influencer partner, namely a general brand fit, strong presence with your target demographic, and a rate that doesn’t blow your budget.

  • For an outdoor apparel company, it’s natural to partner with hunting, fishing, and camping influencers
  • For a scientific education company, it makes sense to partner with nerdy science types

But great work with YouTube influencers does not stop at strong demo and topical overlap. Some of the best successes come from brands working with influencers well known in adjacent markets.

Adjacent markets are often full of interested consumers who would benefit from being educated about a product by an influencer they trust.

Influencers in adjacent markets are tremendously successful at moving customers from consideration to acquisition.

One example of this is Wisecrack, an intellectual comedy show, advocating for LegalZoom. Let’s take a look:


When you engage with YouTube influencers, successful companies remember that they are participating in an existing community that already has its own modes of interaction and norms. It is crucial that you treat creators and their audiences with respect. They have an audience for a reason, and they know what will work.

Approaching creators with that in mind will make all the difference.

Where to start when providing creative direction

Sharing 4-5 talking points is a good place to start, but what’s most important is being sure that the influencer is authentically excited about your brand.

Send them product, let them talk to the people who are the backbone of your business, and make sure they feel connected to your message.

Build a relationship. Ask what content they have planned in the coming months and how they think your product might be most naturally integrated.

Remember: you’re working with influencers, not using them.

Measure the relevance of a campaign on Youtube

On average, brands give their digital campaigns, where they use influencers, between 1 and 20% of their communication budget.

It is therefore important to observe the KPIs to reflect a relevance and possibly proceed with the renewal of the marketing action.

The indicator measures:

  • The commitment generated on the various publications (likes, comments, mentions)
  • Shared content from the committed community
  • Incoming traffic on the brand website

What’s great about working on a platform like YouTube is that you’ll not only get the benefit of branding, but you’ll be able to track direct acquisitions thanks to a custom URL or promo code that’s easy to attribute…or at least the “final click” in the funnel is easy to attribute.


Other metrics you can use to gauge your content’s effectiveness beyond conversion:

  1. Video drop-off (i.e. what portion of the audience is actually watching the ad?)
  2. Click-through rate: 1% CTR is pretty darn good
  3. Increase in organic search traffic: YouTube increases search 2X compared to TV…and that’s not even factoring in the trust of influencers on YouTube
  4. Acquisition cost on other platforms, e.g. Facebook, decreases
  5. CPM / CPV: Aim to get <$25 CPM for your YouTube campaigns
  6. Engagements: Look for influencers who drive likes, shares and comments


In conclusion, influencer marketing is a growing industry.

Brands now allocate budgets for digital campaigns with influencers rather than TV spots.

At the same time, the number of professional influencers is also growing.

The professionalization of the platform has generated standards, particularly regarding the transparency of product placements, which require the insertion of the sponsored mention in the video or the information bar.
In 5 years, the ecosystem of influencers will reinvent the rules of the digital game with Youtube by representing between 5 and 10 billion dollars.

So there you have it. Successful influencer marketing rests on your ability to make your relationships with influencers mutually beneficial and to empower the creators you work with to become your brand advocates.

There are a lot of bells and whistles you can add, but at the end of the day, authenticity is most important to any influencer campaign.


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