How to use influence to grow your business?

Influence Marketing is in vogue, and it’s not about to stop. Moreover, since always, the influence is in vogue.




Blogger and influence, the numbers

In everyday life, we are influenced and we influence. In our family life, in our relationships with our friends, in our relationships with our colleagues. Each gives advice, gives his opinion, discusses, exchange. Without really paying attention, we live permanently with influence.

This same influence, business side, is now down in all layers of society. Each of us can become the relay of one or more brands. Want to create a profitable blog? It would be good for you to read the following.

Influence, a very good way for the individual entrepreneur to develop his own business

The brand-influencer relationship is evolving more and more in recent months, it is structuring itself, becoming human, becoming part of the medium and long term. It is a relationship of trust between the two parties.




What benefits of influencer marketing for the entrepreneur?

If we know what benefits the brand can derive from influencer marketing, few of you will see the indirect benefits you could derive from such a relationship.

In a first, you must get rid of this idea of ​​being in the pay of a brand, to see your blog turn into billboard. You have control over your content, it’s up to you to integrate the brand into this content in a relevant and intelligent way.

Note: Influence marketing is not pure advertising, it’s finer, more subtle

Then, beyond the reward that you could consider with the brand, you can see an indirect benefit that will allow you to develop your own brand, to sell your own products (if they do not enter direct competition with the brand you are promoting).

Let’s take a closer look at this. What is a visitor with a need to go from “suspect” to “prospect”, then from “prospect” to “client”?

You thought about trust? You are right. Your visitor who does not know you needs to evaluate you and find out if they can trust you.

During his first visit, for him, you are only one among many. It will be necessary to whip to gain his confidence.

influence marketing


Influence, an indirect growth driver for the entrepreneur

For this, we know the traditional levers, such as the presence on social networks, the number of shares of your articles, possible comments on your tickets, customer reviews on Google or Facebook, or other platforms, the quality of your content, the fluidity of navigation, design, and so on!

So, we all know these levers. But we have a new one to operate! The relationship that binds us to brands.


Marketing influence, be the big winners of the game!

You do not see the game? If a brand trusts you to spread its information, to partner with you, then you are a person of some value. So, this confidence that the brand gives you, to know how to use it to prove to your visitors that you are a trusted person, since one or more work with you.

In doing so, you immediately prove your competence, your expertise and your value to your new readers. You also strengthen your position with those who have been following you for a while.

Note: The relationship you have with brands should not be seen by you as a purely mercantile link for gifts or money. You must see this relationship as an additional marketing asset, a chance to prove to your readership that you have value.

This trust that brands place in you, you must use it to take and sit your position on your niche. You must use it to launch and grow your own business. This relationship with the brand is therefore for you a golden opportunity with double relaxation.




“According to a study by Marketly (2016), the most important element sought by a brand in an influencer is its ability to engage and not the number of subscribers.”



The example of fashion blogs in influence marketing

It is traditional to mock fashion bloggers, but they understand everything before everyone else! By positioning themselves with brands, they first became benchmarks for brands’ customers, and then, little by little, they deployed their skills and became experts in the sector.

Some have since launched businesses that are doing very well. Others have used their blog to find a job more in line with their expectations, in relation to their blogging sector.


Fashion bloggers have been able to operate the lever of influence for their own benefit, without ever serving brands or their readership. And everyone has found his account.

Other bloggers have also done so in the social media, becoming trainers or teachers in high schools, or lecturer. 


Know how to work its visibility in the global sense

To hope to make your mark, you must be visible on the web, and therefore, on Google. It will be question of research of keywords, and there.

When we talk about content, we think inevitably about marketing content. The time when we were writing content to the chain to fill the blog without other strategic thoughts is definitely over.

You must have a global vision of your content. The search for keywords is a very valuable help, because beyond giving you keywords to position yourself on Google, it is also a mine of ideas bottomless. The goal is not to stop at the list.


Putting its sectoral watch under way

For that, you will take each key phrase and you will look for other related expressions and so on. With this method, you will never be short of ideas.

Then you have to work your presence on social networks. It is here that the day before comes into focus. You can not be content to distribute your content. If you want to attract brands and become an influencer, you need to demonstrate that you are interested in what is happening in your industry.

And for that, nothing like to make a watch and relay it on your networks. A tool like Sociallymap will help you create a smart delivery system. His free offer is enough to make your hand and start your broadcast.

The other interest of the day before is to stick to more hot topics of your niche. It would be a shame to miss out on the hot topic of the moment. Nothing forces you to treat the subject in the moment, you can take a step back, treat it with a few days away, and have a look “colder”, a different opinion, more relaxed.


In doing so, you will bring what is called “added value”. This famous value that will make your article will differentiate from the writings of your competitors and bring you closer to the top of the basket.

Publishing with a slight shift also allows you to get out of the race with the hot news and get maximum visibility when everyone is banging on top to be visible at the same time.

Be reassured, not all Internet users jump on hot topics at the same time (outside news attacks, elections, sports events …). So you can take a couple of days back and bring another angle to the information.



In this post, I talk to you about an influencer. But an influencer, what is it?
In a marketing context, and in its broadest sense, an influencer is an individual whose status, position or media exposure is able to influence consumer behavior in a given universe. (Source: Marketing Definition) As you can see, there is no question of the size of a community. But of a person who can influence others. This influence, you can already exercise it within your professional sphere, your family, your friends.

We also know the influence under the term of social recommendation: when a May recommends you a film, a band of music, a restaurant, a tool, here exerts an influence as old as the world and that we exercise all of them since our youngest age.

Seeing influence from a media point of view arouses more concern and raises the question of legitimacy, which refers you to your lack of confidence. Be sure ! From the moment a brand contacts you, you are legitimate! Do not look for noon to fourteen, do not torture yourself. You are legitimate. So, do not sulk your pleasure. It is this pleasure that will help you regain your confidence.

You have just seen it in this post, the influence is a position accessible to the greatest number. Brands are looking for relay, novelty, freshness. The influencer brand relationship is changing, so rather than asking if you should or should not, you’d better go. Because asking you the question says one thing: you want it! So, train yourself, go for it!


Influence has always been present in our daily lives
You have a power a power of influence
The influence Marketing is booming
The blog is in great demand by brands
Your blog is therefore a powerful tool of influence
You have a playing card for your business

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