How to improve the visibility of your company on LinkedIn?

You want to improve the visibility of your company on professional social networks and especially on LinkedIn. For this, we will see the different actions to put in place.

The 5 recommended tracks

To meet the needs of companies looking for notoriety and visibility, we will see here 5 tracks that will allow you to communicate regularly on LinkedIn. The goal is to make your actions visible to companies and / or people with whom you want to get in touch.

We can highlight the advantage of LinkedIn on Facebook compared to its algorithm. LinkedIn can still be seen without having to pay, so you have to take advantage of the visibility you can get there. If nothing prevents anyone from using LinkedIn’s advertising platform, know that it is better not to invest immediately.


It is more interesting to show numbers without having to pay because they will show you more accurately the impact of your communications at first.


1. Establish a strategy and set up an editorial calendar

We must start by establishing a digital strategy and ensure its deployment across all your media. For that, the setting up of an editorial calendar (often in the form of a table) is essential. It will allow you to ask in writing all the actions to be carried out throughout the year. Here the focus on LinkedIn.

The editorial calendar should guide you on: Who does what, when and where (LinkedIn)?

linkedin calendar


It is necessary to identify the news of your company, and the information needs of your prospects. Thus, it will be easier to list the topics you want to communicate.

Some examples of relevant publications to include on your editorial calendar:

  • newsletters, newsletters or white papers,
  • events, trade shows, conferences,
  • the testimonials of your customers;
  • expert videos.

Once the schedule is established, it will be necessary to define the frequency of publication on LinkedIn.

For example :

  • you have a significant recurrence of events → a publication once a week will be appropriate;
  • you have a weak recurrence on other activities → a publication once a month is sufficient.

Above all, the idea is to be able to regularly inform your community about topics that interest you, and especially to “engage” it.


2. Encourage updating of the profiles (collaborators) of your company

Your employees are the “showcase” of your company. They must be active and mark their presence on LinkedIn, but in the right way. For this, they must above all, update their profile on LinkedIn. We also talk about ambassadors when it comes to employees, because who better than they can put your company forward.


Use a professional photo:

On LinkedIn, you need to upload a professional photo because a profile with a photo allows:

  • increase your visibility by more than 25 times compared to a profile that does not have a photo (according to statistics provided by LinkedIn),
  • to dissociate homonyms. For example, by doing a search in LinkedIn, I realize that there are 2 profiles in the “First Name and Last Name” of “John Doe”, the logical question I’m going to ask myself, is which of these two is the one I know? Thanks to the photo I will be able to identify the right interlocutor;
  • to mark the presence of your employees on this network (an active profile suggests that you can easily get in touch with the person).

linkedin profile


Write a convincing profile on LinkedIn:

To write a convincing profile, you should:

  • to make a “competitive intelligence” on the most attractive profiles,
  • look at the keywords most often used;
  • to identify the titles given (example: Chargé d’Affaires rather than Attached Commercial),
  • to add a “convincing title”, to be clear and concise on its function will allow your interlocutor to identify you more quickly. Also, to know who you are and the industry in which you work,
  • describe in your summary, your professional background. Do not hesitate to share your interests, your successes, your personal challenges and add your contact details in order to be contacted again, especially if you have a “commercial” profile,
  • Add Rich Media: Make your LinkedIn profile a place where customers and prospects can access your company presentations, white papers or fact sheets;
  • Grow your network: Add the right people to improve your LinkedIn news feed, so your standby will become more qualitative.


3. Determine the digital identity of your business

The digital identity of your company must be found in each of your employees’ profiles. For example on LinkedIn, this can be through:

  • a profile picture taken at the same place,
  • a banner with a picture of the activity carried out,
  • a banner with the company logo,
  • similar keywords for all employee profiles;
  • a group common to the employees of the company.

community linkedin

The importance is to create a graphic unit via a common denominator. This is so that the person who comes to visit your page or that of one of your collaborators, understands quickly who you are, what is your activity and what are your centers of interest.


4. Find the right people before communicating

The “network” search is the first criterion for a communication to be effective. Indeed, if you communicate every day, but beforehand you did not add the “good people”, it will not make sense or positive impact.



Always personalize your messaging messages and before adding someone, also think about asking the “right questions” like:

  • Is his professional activity related (directly or indirectly) to mine?
  • If I add it on LinkedIn my professional communications will interest him?
  • Could this person help me in my professional activity?

In order for your communications and “newsfeed” to be a focused and focused business intelligence, you should have answered “AT LEAST 1 TIME YES” to any of these questions.

Otherwise, it will not help improve your company’s visibility or your communications reach your target. Densifying your network will eventually have a viral effect on your publications. The more they will be shared, commented and liked the more they will give you visibility.


5. Find the right communicator: the “community manager” of your company


Finding the right person to communicate around your business is a key success factor. Getting good visibility by increasing the number of “subscribers” on the business page will depend a lot on the chosen person.

  • To get more people interested in your communications, it is imperative that the person in charge of the communication of the company has understood all the mechanisms mentioned above.
  • This person must also know how to write, to be in agreement with the digital identity of your company (the image that you want to give of your company: rather fun, rather strict …). Know how to directly capture the audience, find your prospects, be inspiring in its publications, and especially have a good knowledge of social networks.
  • Indeed, the main mission of this person is to ensure that your communication strategy is applied to “the principles” defined in your editorial calendar. This “communicant” will have to be available to animate the community, and to position itself as a leader on the network.



All in order to train its employees to communicate better to win over time, in visibility and notoriety. The good communicator in this spirit is the community manager, because its missions will go perfectly in the search of visibility for your company.


In conclusion

Here are 5 simple ways to implement within your company, so as to gain visibility at first and notoriety in the long term. Also remember that your employees are your first ambassadors and that by sharing the communication of your company, they contribute to its success on the internet.

LinkedIn remains a professional social network and as such it is easier to encourage information sharing related to his business, than any other network. Think about training your employees if they are ready to accompany you in your approach. Nothing and no one must oblige a collaborator to share internal information, which is why we must raise awareness and always have an approach to the provision of information.

You disseminate internally the information and free to everyone to share, hence the interest of raising awareness and training by explaining mutual interests.




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