Heepsy: The new platform to instantly find influencers around the world

New in influencer marketing with the Heepsy Influencer Search Platform!

The world of digital marketing has completely changed since the advent of influencers, offering new leverage through influence marketing but above all a new form of communication available to brands and companies.

So, whether you’re a brand or an agency, working with an influencer quickly becomes an indispensable lever for successful advertising campaigns.

If in the beginning consumers turned mainly and naturally to celebrities, we see that the deal has completely changed now. Bloggers and influencers have understood this well by creating their own personal branding.

Make up artist, amateur or professional cook, geek, sportsman … and in the end why not you ?!


The influencer! this new star of social media

Without the world of social media in the background, there would be very few influencers to date and we could probably say as in the early 2000s, they would be mainly today bloggers.

Today it’s still the influencer bloggers who continue to climb but they have been quickly outdistanced by social media influencers like YouTube and mostly Instagram so far.


Heepsy influenceuse


However, some will agree that it is easier to share some pictures or snapshots here than to write posts of several hundred words tinged with tests and promotions of all kinds.

While the photo (well done) is a job, but all do not give him the attention to detail in the influencers.

Nevertheless the blogger has for him a support which ensures him a positioning of its contents on the search engines, an advantage to raise for the brands and the companies which work with these influencers of the web. Social networks like Instagram usually aim for “push” operations where a peak of visibility is earned on the day of the sharing of the campaign, but very quickly to come back down and disappear over the following days.

While YouTube can claim to be the second largest search engine in the world after Google, although it belongs to Google, it remains a very interesting lever for influencer marketing where the trend in terms of content remains video. If Instagram offers short video formats of 60 seconds, it could change in the coming months to consolidate the leading position that gets the social network from influencers.


Search for influencers for promotional campaigns

Simply because consumers are looking for the confidence and expertise of influencers before buying a product.

Today, I’m going to talk about a platform that I just tested recently. Her name is Heepsy. (Yes, too cute as a little name, but hey, I’m not going to use it for my new kitten)



Heepsy simplifies the search for potential influencers in several of the world’s most influential areas of marketing influence.


Heepsy Overview

Influencer search platform, Heepsy brings together 3 million influencers worldwide. It simplifies the search for potential influencers in several areas.

Once you find your influencers, the platform compiles the results into a press list where you can access their influence statistics.



Heepsy focuses first on Instagram influencers, as it is the premier social network of influence marketing. Next, she is interested in bloggers and youtubers who view instagram as their main influence platform. At the end of the list are consumers who love imaging and videos. Basically, it’s the micro-influencers.

You can register on the official Heepsy website.

After finishing your registration, I give you all you need to know about this platform.





Heepsy options to remember

I want to clarify that I used the free version of Heepsy for my test. The application is in English despite the fact that it lists a list of several French and English speaking countries.

The approach remains identical in all respects to paid formulas that offer the opportunity to learn more about influencers and thus refine its search criteria.


The free version of Heepsy

Limited access to influencer search. You can find influencers using biographic keyword research. However, a list of default influencers appears on the platform’s home page.

Unfortunately, there are only 2 options available for the free version, namely:

Influencers all over the world
Biographical research

Heepsy Starter: $ 29 / month

With this offer, access the most advanced influence search engines with the following features:

Category filter
Location filter
Metric filters

Heepsy Plus: $ 49 / month

With the Plus offer, find the influencer of your choice and create your campaign. You will have access to the following items:

Smart lists
Cost $ estimate
Channel filters

Heepsy Pro: $ 99 / month

The Pro Pack is ideal for agencies and brands with specific needs. This will allow you to enter the following sections:

Export Lists
Social media
Filtered collaborations





Is the Heepsy platform really worth it?

Personally I think it’s an interesting platform that greatly facilitates the tedious task of finding influencers. Many brands need to work with influencers and influencers from different backgrounds. The campaigns are not alike and it is not a question of working on the model of the muse.

However, if you want to deepen your research and especially refine your selection criteria on the entire base provided by Heepsy, I suggest you choose a paid subscription formula among the offers cited above.

In terms of functionality, the creator of Heepsy should add other languages ​​for its interface, apart from the English language available to date. Note that it may be possible to work with French influencers and influencers who will probably be more numerous on the platform.

What platform do you use to search for influencers? 🙂



  • James
    16th October 2018

    Very interesting tool. I have tried it and gives very good results comparing with others. Thanks for sharing!


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