7 ways to generate more leads with Instagram stories

More than 400 million Internet users use the stories every day on Instagram.

How to capture these millions of users and encourage them to become leads? Here are 7 tips to increase lead acquisition rates with Instagram Stories!


1. Show your face

If you want to have a better relationship with your subscribers, appear more often in your stories. Post photos and videos and your employees in action, your team building, your meetings …

You can even go further by using video testimonials from your customers who are satisfied with your strategies, products or services.


2. Make a live video

Stream live video to be more visible. Indeed, each live is the subject of a notification to the subscribers.

However, choose a time to upload and make sure to create the maximum buzz around the video, posting posts a few days before.

For good quality videos, try filming during the day to enjoy natural lighting and to see the people, objects or places you want to highlight. Put your phone on a stand or use a tripod to prevent it from moving.



3. Archive your story

The best way to maximize the effort you spend on content creation is to summarize your Instagram stories and pin them to the top of your profile.

Backing up a collection of your best stories allows your subscribers to see them long after you post them.

Take advantage of this function to save those used to generate leads: product presentation, service demonstration, customer testimonials …



4. Create a strategy for your stories

You do not need to post stories every day, but the more frequent you are, the more your followers will come back. Hang them with valuable content.

The ideal, on Instagram, are stories with up to 4 slides. These can be videos, images or graphics.

Here is a perfect example of Instagram Stories schedule to set up:

  • Monday – Share helpful tips and inspiration for the coming week
  • Tuesday – Promote your service
  • Wednesday – Share an excerpt from your last blog post and link
  • Thursday – Share a customer’s testimonial
  • Sunday – Share a lifestyle tip


5. Use hashtags

One trick to getting more views for your stories is to add hashtags. Each story can contain up to 30.

Thus, if a user searches on a specific hashtag you used, he may fall on your content … and become a lead.


6. Use the stickers

By using location stickers and everyday stickers, you greatly increase your exposure.

Like hashtags, geolocated stickers expose your content to people who are doing local searches.




7. Find partners

With relevant collaboration, you will enjoy your partner’s audience … and vice versa, to impose more on your world.

Feel free to collaborate with similar brands or influencers, to increase your visibility and increase your lead acquisition.



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