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Startup Interview with GALLERY OF IDEAS founder “Patricia Curty”

In my Startup Founder series I feature interviews with entrepreneurs with kickass profiles from all over the world. I hope they will inspire you as much as they inspire me! Today, we meet the founder of GALLERY OF IDEAS Patricia Curty

Hi Patricia, nice to meet you! To start, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Patricia Curty and I work with leaders and organizations from different industries. I am also the co-founder of Gallery of Ideas (Public Speaking Events) and GOI Academy (Training – workshops –Coaching – Speakers agent – Promotors & Marketing Services).

With my wonderful partners Andrew Pitt and Eric de Keizer, we have the same vision–both a short-term understanding of GOI’s value proposition and long-term understanding of how we think GOI fits into the world.

It is very important to partner with people that share the same vision and have compatible skills and styles to successfully navigate from leading a small, dynamic company into one that grows into a big player.

How did you start? What motivated you?

I started as an entrepreneur at the early age of 17 when I opened my first company in Brazil and since then I’ve invested a lot of time and effort to absorb knowledge, to learn  and teach as I feel it is our responsibility to give back to our community and share knowledge not to guard it or hide it away as if we are afraid someone will steal it.

I’ve been always fascinated by people and organisations that are creating value, sharing insightful ideas, thus creating a lasting impact on our society, that’s what inspires and motivates me.

Gallery Of Ideas was created as we observed that there are too few places where entrepreneurs, business leaders, and inspirational minds could connect, share ideas, practice public speaking in a relaxed and pleasant environment.

So we started with Gallery of Ideas in Barcelona, at the Mobile World Centre and our latest event was held at Café del Mar. We now have a few other cities interested in partnering with us which will grow our movement outside Spain. 

And have you encountered any obstacles in your entrepreneurship experience?

Countless yes  It’s never easy to start something from scratch, people need to see your idea working to believe in you, and in order to make that happen perseverance and resourcefulness are key.


Do you encourage anyone with to go with entrepreneurship?

I always encourage people to develop self-awareness, Not everyone is ready or need to become an entrepreneur to make a difference in our world.

In order to create value, to make a difference, to have a fulfilling life, to feel happier, one needs to develop the ability to realize what they are doing as they do it, and most importantly understand why they are doing it in the first place.

Sounds simple, but most of us loose direction or get distracted from our objectives.

Any advice for people who want to create their own business?

Focus, patience and balance.

If you expect instant results out of any business idea, you will get frustrated and probably give up too soon.

Break down big objectives into smaller tasks, achievement of these tasks on a regular basis will maintain your motivation and direction whilst pathing the way to your objectives completion.



What are your favorite tools in a daily basis?

YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter and my husband 

Let’s talk more now with one of my favorite subject 🙂

How do you grow your community around your brand/startup?

By getting them involved. As Benjamin Franklin said once: « Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn »

What do you think about social media nowadays?

I love the way we are expanding our communication channels!

When I was adolescent, I remember how long it took to reach out to someone via letters or even on a landline, I think today we are blessed. However, we take it for granted.

Social media is not as evil as many say, we need to be more conscious about it and using it in our favour.


To know you even better, could you tell me what is your best achievement so far?

In my personal life, having a wonderful man by my side and sharing the love of our 3 kids.

In my professional life, being in a position to share and teach skills that can help others to improve their lives.


What values do you stand for?

My top 10:
Diversity, Enjoyment, Positivity, Creativity, Enthusiasm, Elegance, Empathy, Resourcefulness, Vitality and Generosity.


What’s next for you and your company?


Contribution, Improvement and Sharing as we go 😉

patricia curty

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