FRIDAY NEWS ROOM #3 – Deezer, Facebook, Firefox & Instagram Memes

– 10th of August – FRIDAY NEWS ROOM

Read on for my 4 hand picked  headlines of the week!

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News #1 Deezer raises 160 million euros and becomes a unicorn

Eleven years after its creation, Deezer formalizes a fundraising of 160 million euros and enters the very private circle of French unicorns.

Deezer licorne

The music streaming platform recently announced that it had raised the amount of 160 million euros. In fact, the young company has taken off to join the restricted club of French unicorns. At his side are already Vente-Privée, Criteo and Blablacar. For information, the valuation of Vente-Privée is 2.6 billion euros.

Now valued at more than one billion euros, this fundraising should push the company to “finance the acceleration of [its] development in fast-growing markets and strengthen [its] positions in key territories”, as CEO Hans-Holger Albrecht explains in a statement.

Regarding fundraising, it was conducted by Kingdom Holding Company and Rotana. As for the management, it included Prince Al-Walid bin Talal Ben Abdelaziz Al Saud, Orange, Access Industries and LBO France.

New agreement between Deezer and the biggest label in the Middle East

In parallel, Deezer said it has signed an exclusive partnership with Rotana, the largest music label in the Middle East. Thanks to it, the music streaming platform will be able to distribute the catalog of audio and video content of the label in the Middle East, but also in North Africa. Several key regions, currently involved in an acceleration of the entertainment sector, are targeted by the agreement, such as Egypt, Turkey, or Saudi Arabia.

As a reminder, Deezer is the third music streaming platform in the day with a total of 14 million active users. In front of it, Spotify maintains the first place with 83 million paying subscribers and Apple Music which has some 50 million subscribers.




News #2 Facebook launches mentorship program for groups

Facebook wants you to use groups to find a mentor.

Some Facebook groups can be very useful, for example to get advice, expand your network or get support. And soon, they will also find mentors.

Indeed, the number one social network has just introduced a mentoring program for certain categories of groups.

“More than 200 million people on Facebook are members of groups they consider significant,” says Product Manager Gabriel Cohen. “They use groups to create and encourage supportive communities around topics that concern them. Today, we bring mentoring to Facebook groups to make it easier for people to get help to reach their goals and connect with other members of their community who have the necessary experience or expertise “.

The social network started testing this feature last year. And according to her explanations, this allowed for example two mothers (members of a group dedicated to parents of LGBTQIA children) to help each other.

In another group, mentoring would have allowed a member to get the assistance needed to make his passion (making soap) a real business.

How it works ?

First, the mentorship program must be created by the group administrator from proposed templates. Topics such as career advancement, skills development, encouragement and support are all mentioned by Facebook.

Once the program is created, members sign up to become mentors or mentees. And it is the administrator who deals with the relationship.
Then, the progression is done via a guided program. And mentors and mentees are encouraged to take stock every week.
Privacy Level, “Mentoring is about privacy and security.

All communication between a mentor and a mentee is only visible to both. People can report problems to Facebook, and they have access to the same reporting and blocking features as those available on Facebook, “says Facebook.

On the other hand, the program is accessible only to those over the age of 18. And this new feature is currently accessible only in a few groups dedicated to parenting, professional groups as well as in groups on personal development.


News #3 With Advance, Firefox makes recommendations based on the page you visit and your history

The new Firefox experience recommends articles using the AI and browsing history of the user.

Firefox Advance




“Today’s Internet is often like being on a guided bus in an unknown city. You end up going down to the same places as everyone else. Although it’s convenient and does not require much planning, sometimes you want to get off the beaten path, “Mozilla says in a post. To remedy this situation, the foundation has just launched a new project named Advance through its Test Pilot program.

We all have our little routines on the web. And while it offers a quantity impossible to measure information to discover, we are often satisfied with the few sites that we visit daily. For Mozilla, it’s time to get people to discover more content via Advance.

This is a web-based extension that analyzes the content of the web page you are visiting to provide recommendations based on what you might read after, on a new sidebar.

On the other hand, Advance also offers a “For you” section that shows content recommendations based on your browsing history.

To waste time on the internet
In the example below, the user visits a list of the top 100 restaurants in 2018. On the sidebar on the left, the Advance extension offers suggestions for articles relevant to this reading. And if there is a recommendation that you do not like, you can give feedback that will allow the system to better personalize that experience.

Advance is powered by Laserlike, a startup that specializes in AI and content discovery. And since the browsing history includes sensitive personal data, Mozilla insists that users understand that “Laserlike will receive their web browsing history.” However, the foundation adds that it included “checks for participants to pause the experience, see the Laserlike browser history about them or request the deletion of this information”.



News #4 Memes on Instagram, the new strategy to grow your account

Instagram pays very well to the stars who use the social network to promote new products. But if you want to break into the application bought by Facebook in April 2012, training to become an influencer is ultimately perhaps not the best solution …


Indeed, it is now accounts that broadcast memes that are the most attractive on Instagram. And it goes even further, since if we compare the figures, they are the ones who have the most explosive growth, among all the other types of users of the platform. Information is logical and should delight many advertisers.

Indeed, at a time when product placements are often undermined by criticism, brands are turning more and more to partnerships with accounts posting mainly memes to advertise. According to Lauren Smeets, in charge of the Cult LDN communication agency’s strategy, which deals in particular with Keeping Up with Kardashians reality TV marketing, this kind of content would allow a much more interesting return on investment compared. the opportunities offered by influencers (who charge the sponsored post much more).

In addition, the engagement rate on publications is vastly higher and promises more reliable results.

The economic benefit of these operations is confirmed by the numbers: in fact, for a personality followed by 1 million subscribers on Instagram, the bill can go up to $ 15,000.

For an account that makes its mark, count only a thousand greenbacks, says Tim Arnoo, the CEO of Fanbytes, a platform connecting businesses to influencers on Snapchat.

A colossal difference, which should therefore attract more startups in this market. This trend, currently mainly confined to the continent of Uncle Sam, could also settle in France, especially when we know that Instagram is now the second largest social network in the world in terms of users.

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