FRIDAY NEWS ROOM #2 – Grab, Android, Kylie Jenner & Apple

– 03rd August – FRIDAY NEWS ROOM

Read on for my 4 hand picked  headlines of the week!

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News #1 The startup of VTC Grab raises two billion dollars

The startup Grab has announced that it had raised two billion dollars that should allow it to face the Asian competition.

news grab

Designed in June 2012, Grab is a young Singaporean company that operates as a VTC company in Southeast Asia. Currently, it is present in eight countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia or the Philippines. Since June, users in Jakarta can also benefit from a food delivery service. On Thursday, August 2, the startup announced in a statement that it had raised $ 2 billion, the equivalent of $ 1.7 billion.

Grab and Go-Jeks looking for an increase in their activities
Regarding investors, Grab’s director, Ming Maa said in his post: “We saw a huge interest from strategic investors who have identified, as we do, the potential of this region.” As previously mentioned, the Japanese company Toyota has invested $ 1 billion. In fact, it is expected that one of the officers will sit on the board of directors of the young company. A Toyota executive should also join the executive team. Apart from the Japanese manufacturer, entities such as Ping An Capital and OppenheimerFunds participated in the fundraising.

As a reminder, Grab must confront its direct competitor Go-Jeks, an Indonesian startup that raised 500 million dollars in May. Like the Singaporean startup, Go-Jeks hopes to expand its business in several countries, including Vietnam and the Philippines. For its part, the latter is supported by Alphabet and Chinese Tencent. Like Grab, the young shoot is primarily known for sharing motorcycles.

A few months ago, Grab also took advantage of Uber’s withdrawal when the US VTC company announced that it was abandoning its operations in Southeast Asia. In fact, the latter had benefited from a 27.5% stake in Grab, for an estimated valuation of about $ 2 billion. It was also concluded that CEO Dara Khosrowshahi sits on the board of directors.




News #2 Google would release the stable version of Android P this August

news android

Looking forward to using the stable version of Android P? According to blogger Evan Blass (known for the accuracy of his “leaks”), the next version of Android would come out this August, specifically 21.

Moreover, besides the fact that it is a reliable source, and that this corresponds to the development schedule of Android, an output of Android P on this date would be entirely logical since last year , Android Oreo was released on Monday, August 20th.

We already know more or less what we reserve Android P thanks to Google presentations during the conference Google I / O, but also thanks to Android P beta that can already be installed on some devices.

However, despite this, some novelties have not yet appeared and most importantly, we do not yet know what dessert name will bring this new version.

Rapid deployment thanks to Treble?
In addition to new features and improvements in performance, Android P could also have another feature: a faster deployment.

While iPhones owners are entitled to new versions of iOS as soon as they are released, Android smartphone users (with the exception of Google smartphones) often have to wait a long time before receiving updates.

What is changing today is that Google has worked on a new Android architecture called Treble that allows manufacturers to update their mobile faster.

Moreover, the Android P beta is not only available on Google Pixel smartphones, but also on the Essential smartphone, the Nokia 7 Plus, the OnePlus 6, the Oppo R15 Pro, on the Sony Xperia XZ2, the Vivo X21UD, the Vivo X21 and the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. And we can hope that at least these models will be updated quickly to Android P after the release of the stable version.


News #3 Kylie Jenner would earn $ 1 million per sponsored post on Instagram

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How much do celebrities earn on Instagram through sponsored publications? While this information is generally not made public, Hopper HQ (a service that allows you to schedule posts on Instagram and analyze performance) has attempted to estimate how much these great influencers are earning. And the results were published in the “Hopper HQ Instagram Rich List” study, relayed by CNBC.

In a note on his methodology, Hopper HQ explains that he compiled public and private data to create the most accurate list possible. Many factors are taken into account, such as the number of followers, the level of engagement, the category and the niche (because marketing budgets vary depending on the area of ​​activity), as well as the status of the influencer.

And according to the results of these estimates, here are the 10 influencers who generate the most money per sponsored post on Instagram:

Kylie Jenner: 110,000,000 followers / $ 1 million per sponsored publication
Selena Gomez: 138,000,000 followers / $ 800,000 per sponsored publication
Cristiano Ronaldo: 133,000,000 followers / $ 750,000 per sponsored publication
Kim Kardashian: 113,000,000 followers / $ 720,000 per sponsored publication
Beyonce Knowles: 115,000,000 followers / $ 700,000 per sponsored posting
Dwayne Johnson (The Rock): 109,000,000 followers / $ 650,000 per sponsored post
Justin Bieber: 100,000,000 followers / $ 630,000 per sponsored publication
Neymar: 101,000,000 followers / $ 600,000 per sponsored publication
Lionel Messi: 95,300,000 followers / $ 500,000 per sponsored publication
Kendal Jenner: 92,400,000 followers / $ 500,000 per sponsored publication



News #4 Apple is worth over $1,000,000,000,000

news apple

Apple became Thursday the first listed company to break the $ 1,000 billion cap, crowning a decade of rising share driven by the success of its iPhones around the world that have turned it into a computer maker personal for geek in actor of the world revolution of the mobile telephony.

The stock on Thursday recorded a new peak at $ 207.05, bringing its gains to nearly 9% since the publication Tuesday of quarterly results above expectations and the announcement that the group had bought $ 20 billion of its own shares .

Co-founded by Steve Jobs in 1976 in a garage, Apple displays a little more than forty years later a turnover higher than the gross domestic product of a country like Portugal.

Since the Group’s listing on the stock market in 1980, the stock price has multiplied by 500, 20 times more than the S & P 500, the Wall Street benchmark.

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