How to keep your followers on Instagram?

Attracting followers on Instagram is a good start, but it’s not enough to fulfill your goals.

It is important to keep them for the long term, to increase your community, but also to transform your profile into a sales channel.

To keep your subscribers, here are 4 tips to implement now!


1. Use an application to monitor your followers

On the Google Play Store and App Store, there are many applications to learn more about your followers. For example, Followers Track for Instagram shows you the users who follow you and do not follow in return. But, “follower” people subscribed to your Instagram profile is an effective way to keep them.



Conversely, you will see the accounts that you follow, but which do not follow you back. You can consider a sort to make room for new following, more interesting for your brand.


2. Rethink your hashtags

If you see that your followers are a mix of spam accounts, foreign or unrelated to your business, it’s time to rethink your hashtags strategy.

These are intended to extend your reach beyond your community, to a qualified target. It is essential that they be researched and appropriately selected.

Avoid generic hashtags that are marked on millions of photos. Your message will get lost or hit too wide a target. Prefer keywords that are more confidential, but better qualified, where your brand has a chance to stand out among a quality audience.



3. Reevaluate your content strategy

If you regularly lose followers on Instagram, it’s time to rethink your editorial line. Published content may be of low quality or may not be of interest to the intended audience.

To do this, avoid turning your Instagram feed into ad space. Users are hoping for added value, they want to be inspired and feel emotions on this social network.

Diversify formats (video, quote, photo, editing …), colors and staging. Also remember to share user generated content to show that you are interested in them.


4. Change your publication schedules

Your publication rate and schedules should be related to your activity and the presence of your followers.

For example, if you are in the food industry, publish around 12 or 7 pm when people are hungry. But if you are a breakfast specialist, post early in the morning on weekdays (around 7am) and a little later on weekends (around 9am).

Your target is essentially parents? They will have more time to spend the early afternoon, when the children are at school, or late evening, around 21h, when the young are in bed.

As for students, aim for hours after classes: 16 / 17h.

In all cases, it is advisable to do different tests and analyze the benefits at each time. You will end up finding the best beach to plan your publications.


To keep your followers, focus on creating quality content that will turn them into prospects and customers. Think of them, their needs, before thinking of yours. It is by responding to their desire for inspiration that you will bring your brand into their daily lives. Also remember to ensure a regular presence, on Instagram, if you want to be visible!



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