6 ways to use feedback from your customers on social networks

Social networks are proving to be an excellent tool for collecting consumer feedback.

Since these means of communication make it easier for your customers to get in touch with you, they do not hesitate to leave their opinion on your products. For this purpose, you have a wealth of relevant information to analyze your e-reputation and improve the functioning of your business.

Discover 6 ways to use comments posted on social networks.


1. To improve customer service

By monitoring the impact on your brand, you can offer instant support to unsatisfied customers of your products or services. You can also thank consumers delighted with their buying experience and build loyalty.

Social listening also includes competitive intelligence. To improve your own customer service on social networks, analyze what competitors are offering when negative comments are made.


2. To test a product

Before launching a new product or modifying one, consult your community on social networks. Submit the news you want to develop to get reviews. You will know if the product is worth developing. You can also vote your audience for a specific color or design.

With this technique, you show your subscribers that you are listening to their needs. As a result, you boost the adoption rate of your novelty when it is launched.


3. To create targeted newsgroups

On Facebook or Linkedin, newsgroups engage your audience. Moreover, their organic reach is much better. Following the various comments left by the Net surfers, you will see more clearly in the segmentation of your audience.

It’s up to you to see which is the most relevant segmentation criterion according to your type of activity: the place of residence, the main objective, the position occupied …




4. To deepen your customer knowledge

From time to time, ask your subscribers to share their opinion on an issue through a survey or survey. It can be a light question that helps you to situate the preferences and opinions of your clients in their context.

You can ask them about the formats of your products, the colors, the features … Or ask questions about the context of use of your goods or services.

The results will tell you what your audience is doing, what they are interested in and how you can meet their needs.


5. To create content

If you lack inspiration to write the content of your blog or an important article, use social networks. Your subscribers’ comments will help you identify the topics that work. You will also know what questions they are asking about your services: you can then create content to answer them.

You can also be honest and ask your community what kind of content they want to read.

These methods provide an echo to your audience when it is published.


6. To update his buyer personas

Developing your buyer personas is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Ask members of your community questions that will help you identify the personalities of your prospects.

Learn about their demographics, their socio-professional category, what they like to do on weekends, when they connect, what their goals are … to provide a reliable picture for your marketing and sales teams.


Social listening is an essential part of your marketing strategy. To get the most out of your social media comments, ask questions, find out about their needs, and answer questions. The discussions will be generated automatically, allowing you to obtain interesting feedbacks.


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