Facebook deploys new tools for live video: “Premieres”, live polls and badges for fans

Facebook has just announced the launch or officialization of new tools for creators. The platform is very much based on what already exists on YouTube and Twitch.

Premieres: posts to promote a live

Facebook announces the launch of the “Premieres” format, as YouTube is already doing. This allows for a publication announcing a live, upstream of the broadcast. This teasing can create a stronger commitment when the Live is broadcast.


Premieres will be able to highlight videos a week before their release, in order to create commitment and excitement. Creating a “Premiere” is done on the video streaming tool. For more information on this format, visit this page.

Video polls

Facebook also deploys live video polls for all pages. They create polls to make videos interactive. Users can indeed influence the rest of the video, or its content through these live polls.

facebook new tool



Deployment of “Top Fans” badges

These badges will reward the most loyal and committed fans of the creators. They will be earned by the users who watch the most videos, comment the most, or govern and share the most. We can already imagine a monetization of these badges in the future, as is already the case on Twitch. All pages with more than 10K fans can enable this feature.


facebook new tool





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