Facebook Announcements: AR Advertising Launch & Shopping to Instagram Stories

Facebook has announced the launch of new advertising formats for advertisers. These formats include Facebook and Instagram, and include augmented reality ads.

AR ads on the newsfeed

Available only in the USA for the moment, this format allows to highlight consumer products on the newsfeed. Users will be able to use their camera to “try” products. Facebook has already rolled out this format for the Michael Kors brand, especially to try sunglasses. An “immersive” experience that shows what a widespread rollout of AR ads will look like. The format will not cost advertisers any more and will be sold via the Facebook Business Manager.



Shopping available in Instagram Stories

The Shopping feature to sell products on Instagram posts is deployed to Stories. It will be gradually accessible to all advertisers during the summer. The collection format is also deployed worldwide for all advertisers.


Facebook finally announces the availability of the Video Creation Kit for all. This tool makes it easy to create video ads from the Ads Manager from images or videos.


You can now see all the ads on Facebook pages

Also in its approach of transparency regarding advertising content, Facebook publishes a new statement about “advertising and management of pages on the platform. “

Now, Facebook users will be able to access more information on brand pages and their advertising campaigns, even if they are not the target. Indeed, an “information and advertising” button will be added on the Facebook pages. By clicking on them, users will be able to view current campaigns and even report them if they violate platform policies.



Facebook users will also be able to know much more about the pages and their creators. A “more information on the page” tab should appear in the coming weeks, showing recent name changes and page creation dates.

Brazilian elections in focus

Facebook also wants to be more vigilant in the run-up to the presidential elections in Brazil, which will take place in October 2018. “Brazilians will soon be able to see text on advertisements with political content in their country, which will all be added to the electoral archives. All those who broadcast political ads in Brazil will be able to register next month. This launch was made in the United States last May, “says Facebook.



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