E-commerce, retail: 5 keys to convert thanks to Black Friday

One month to go to Black Friday

The weekend of Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday arrived from the USA through the largest e-commerce brands a few years ago. But every year the highlight is growing in the retail, in-store and shopping center sectors. The weekend of Black Friday, before the end of the year holidays, is now considered a central period of the year in terms of volumes and purchasing intentions.

Indeed, in 2017, 63% of French people had heard of the event and 31% had planned to make a purchase, or more than 8 million people (according to a Kantar TNS study). In search of good deals and the best price as the main buying engine, the French generation X planned to make as many purchases online (60%) as in store (58%), while the generation Y and Z wanted to shop mostly online (82%) rather than in-store (78%) (Black Friday 2017, Dealabs for LSA).

Are you an e-merchant? Retailers? Today, we offer 5 marketing strategy keys and ideas for a successful Black Friday weekend campaign.


1. Prepare your customers with teasing

The days leading up to Black Friday are capital. With teasing, prepare your customers at least 3 weeks before the arrival of important promotions online as in store. Organize your marketing operation in stages, conveying the important information (schedules, conditions, discount codes, loyalty benefits etc.) via different channels and in different formats (contests, banners on your site etc.).

If you operate in the BtoC, prefer a communication display to attract visitors and create a need at home. For the effect of buzz, it is rather towards your social networks that you must turn. Finally, on the SEO side, do not forget to create content upstream around your marketing operation, then to communicate well around these contents (via your blog, your newsletters, sponsorship etc.). Your visibility depends on it!

And more specifically?

Online: focus on your acquisition campaigns (e-mail campaign, social media advertising, etc.). Indeed, the traffic on your website intensifies as of mid-November for the locations. In parallel, your website dresses in the colors of the strongest time. Why not integrate a time count to create waiting? You can also offer a fun animation allowing Internet users to receive exclusive offers in preview. More advice: test the speed of your website for a great navigation and do not forget the mobile optimization!
In store: prepare your store a few days before, highlighting future sale items. Why not preview a stand-up competition where you can win Black Friday benefits now?

Your Black Friday contest: Distribute coupons through winning time games to encourage your prospects and customers to consume early on in the event. Whether physical or digital, your coupons can direct the purchase of customers either to your website or in-store (or both), depending on your purpose. In any case, you promote traffic and conversion.


2. Focus on your online channels!

The challenge during the Black Friday period is to distinguish yourself from the dozens and dozens of offers that flock to the mailboxes of your customers and prospects for big upcoming promotions. When planning your marketing campaign for the moment, choose impactful channels for your sector and adapted to your audiences.

To know which channels to focus on, study the behavior of your targets during the year, and during a similar event. By observing these results, you are able to determine which strategy will be most effective before, during and after the weekend. Be careful, ensure the consistency of your message when you communicate via multiple channels (the same universe, the same message), in order to remain as effective as possible.

Here are some examples of delivery channels for your marketing campaign:

  • Within an e-mailing campaign (in clickable link or in an image)
  • In a typical banner image on your website,
  • SMS,
  • In posts on social networks,
  • Flyers, posters,
  • On tablet or interactive terminal etc.

All means are good to collect traffic on your website before and during the highlight!


3. The shot: bet on driving and retargeting

From Friday Black Friday to Monday Cyber ​​Monday, it’s all about flying. Track your results continuously, so you can always bounce back, adapt to different buying trends and optimize your communications in real time. Some ideas :

Communicate targeted offers to Internet users based on their activity on your merchant site since the launch of the operation. Your offers adapt over time based on additions to cart, consultation of certain pages, purchase history, data collected etc .. Thus, you encourage consumers to continue to enjoy your offers during all the weekend.
Part of your audience filled his cart but did not validate it? Boost the purchase (via targeted ads, for example) on Black Friday Day and send reminders emails. This will convert at least Monday Cyber ​​Monday.

Your contest for Black Friday: promote acquisition and loyalty by offering in store and in your digital communications a targeted, fun, simple and interactive animation


black friday


4. Take care of your offer and your flagship products

To maximize the traffic and conversion on your site during Black Friday, highlight your flagship products, the most popular and those who perform the best performance for the rest of the year on your website, on your social networks and at through your advertising campaigns.

My advices :

  • Watch out for stocks! By regularly tracking your sales, you are able to tailor your advertising campaigns based on available inventory.
  • Do not hesitate to put forward the list of your flagship products in the form of selection (selection by price, reduction percentages etc.). Your best sales are highlighted, for example on the Home page of your website.
  • Submit a multichannel animation on social networks and on your website to showcase your products and redirect traffic to the desired pages.
    Your game for Black Friday:
  • Launch a Voting Gallery where you will find a list of your flagship products. Participants like and comment. The products are to be won by drawing lots.
  • Suggest a PsychoQuiz “What Black Friday product is right for you? Which redirects to specific product pages for each result / profile. Coupons are to be won for any participation!

All means are good to make retention on your website while boosting some items.

5. Focus on exclusivity to build loyalty

During Black Friday, think conversion but especially loyalty. By providing your audiences with a unique store or website experience, you have the opportunity to stand out and stay in the consumer’s mind while driving traffic to your website.

Why not take advantage of this special weekend to capitalize on the results? In view of Christmas and the coming year, you have the opportunity to reuse the data collected throughout Black Friday to retargeting and targeting for your next marketing. The principle: keep the post-weekend engagement with animation (on social networks but especially via e-mailing).

Your Black Friday / Post Black Friday contest:

Private Sales: Offer visitors, customers and future new customers who join you at Black Friday to validate their cart in preview, or to select their items before everyone else in the store. This type of operation can be animated through a contest (simple draw) proposed in your Newsletters before the high time for example.

Loyalty: Following a sale, for example, offer the buyer to win discount coupons to use after Black Friday, via a mechanism of winning moments, such as the Jackpot or the Wheel of Fortune.

Quick and fun, this contest can be installed on the confirmation page of the sale, or sent with the confirmation e-mail.
Reward purchases: at each payment, your customers win the chance to be drawn by a form to be fully refunded their next order (set a minimum purchase amount to be eligible, from 99 € for example) . This type of concept allows you to boost engagement and post Black Friday conversion.

Last Idea, transform your client who just bought to participate to a nano-influencer campaign through Spitche to win more discounts by engaging and sharing your brand’s post on social media and refer their friends to your website.


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Do you have questions, need more ideas and advice, or a project to submit for Black Friday? Do not hesitate to contact us via our live chat at the bottom right of the page!

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