Why create an e-commerce site and how?

The creation of an e-commerce site becomes for many entrepreneurs, a mandatory passage to sell its products / services and promote its activity.

But in front of the investment it takes in time to develop serenely online business, several questions always arise:

  • Create a merchant site on the Internet, is it useful or not?
  • Is it easy or not to create an e-commerce site?
  • Is it expensive or not?
  • It all depends on your activity and your needs, of course.

Find here a little overview of these questions, after which you should be able to make useful and relevant decisions in the context of your activity.



Which e-commerce site according to my activity?

First of all, you must know that an e-commerce site is not a site intended to be known at first sight. It is primarily created to sell and have a showcase of its activity. It will therefore provide a tab that will disseminate and share information related to your products and / or services. This information (articles, videos, photos …) will ensure better SEO, but it also means that it will take time to produce the content.

Among the e-commerce activities there are 2 families; on the one hand the products and on the other the services. In both cases the online sale is possible and depending on what you have to promote it will be necessary to properly evaluate its merchant site and its ancillary needs with the help of a business plan. In most cases it is better to start small and evolve little by little depending on sales.


Sale of services

The sale of services may seem easier via an e-commerce site, because it does not require inventory mobilization and logistical management of this fact. However you will need a solid expertise and a name to start calmly, if not a more consequent work will have to realize to make you known and gain visibility.

Analyze what your competitors are doing and get inspired to get started. If they are on the Internet, then you should definitely be there too, having detected potential. In this case, creating an e-commerce site will be the starting point to establish yourself. Then evaluate your needs on a wide spectrum: material, human, tools, content creation etc …

The e-commerce part of the service sale sites regularly requires the implementation of advanced forms to enable the management of accurate quote requests. Think about it!


Sale of products

However, if you have products to sell and you can send them to your customers, an e-commerce site will certainly be useful! This is even more true in the context of a micro-business activity where visibility on the internet takes precedence. Your e-commerce site will become in a way your virtual shop. A much lower cost than a physical store requiring premises and heavier management fees. You can also start with a simpler site than for a central purchasing, for example.


Finally, consider getting help with building your site. This requires special technical skills that you will not need to acquire. Especially since some sites or hosting providers offer turnkey solutions. Nothing is free, but for 50 to 200 € you will have a functional online store easy to use for you.

Create an e-commerce site! to get help, but how?

As the saying goes: look for “on the internet” and you will find! There are many solutions for which it will be necessary to weigh the pros and cons according to your needs.

You will first find sites boasting about their merits in terms of turnkey solutions. You will also find so-called free online solutions. But free is always a cost. And then you’ll find tips blogs and comparison of existing solutions on the internet.

I advise you to go first look at the side of these blogs. You will then hear about Jimdo, Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, Wix, or Weebly (in alphabetical order, you will have noticed, to remain neutral). They are turnkey e-commerce solution providers. Some of these solutions are free, but to a certain extent.

The customization of your pages may be paying, for example. But these suppliers are most often cited as professionals and competent in the field of e-commerce. They will also offer for the most part, the hosting of your site with a professional host. There, it will pay both the domain name (the name of your shop on the Internet, very cheap in general: a few euros per year) and its accommodation itself (50 to 150 euros per year). But you will not be able to escape these costs.

Finally, you will feed your site: describe each of your products and indicate their prices, present them in a simple and practical and provide secure payment methods (turnkey solutions providers know how to do).


The advice of bloggers will be welcome to help you make the right choices and then you will have to look at the management of an e-commerce site to see how to manage, evolve etc … You will first place the resources proposed by the editors of the solutions and then the forums and blogs dedicated to them.


In conclusion

Do not develop your e-shop solution alone and without knowing where to start Treat yourself to a professional, potentially scalable, secure and easy-to-use solution for your customers and for you. And do not forget to choose and change your advertising slogan regularly.

The slogans are very important to hang both your prospects and to retain the attention of search engines, which also appreciate the renewal of the content as its overall relevance!

Look at the resources offered to guide you on creation and management and do not hesitate to join forums to keep you up to date. This little post is a simple advice for beginners.



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