Instagram: 5 tools to turn your profile into e-commerce

Instagram is a powerful social network for your e-commerce. It offers you the opportunity to showcase your products creatively.

However, it has a major flaw: it is impossible to put clickable links under each publication. You only have one link to promote your store: the biography.

To overcome this imperfection, there are tools that turn your profile into e-commerce. The link in your bio then displays a replica of your Instagram account, except that the publications are clickable and return to the product card.

Cap on 6 tools to know to increase the conversion rate of your Instagram profile!


#1: Snapppt

Entirely free, Snapppt transforms the photos published on Instagram into a product page.

Indeed, the products marketed on your e-commerce are identified on the visual thanks to a number. When the user clicks on it, he gets the information about the product, its price and he has the opportunity to buy it.

The major advantage of Snapppt is that the Instagram feed can be included in any website! It can be easily integrated with all known CMS and marketplaces: Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Amazon MarketPlace, eBay, Magento …



#2: Like2Buy

Like2Buy is a solution that allows users to buy from your Instagram profile.


This tool is developed by Curalate, it also offers additional features such as the ability to schedule your publications in advance, as well as statistics on conversions.

This very complete solution has attracted major brands, such as Sephora, Macy’s, Bose, Ikea, Fossil or Occitane en Provence.



Very intuitive, appeals to both beginners and experienced Instagrammers.

Brands choose a photo with one or more products they want to highlight. They tag the products and put a link to the shop to allow Internet users to buy them directly.

The tool integrates easily with the largest e-commerce platforms: Shopify, Big Cartel, Prestashop, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Etsy …



Unlike other tools, is a solution that allows users to identify a garment seen on Instagram.

Internet users capture a photo and, thanks to the tool, they get the list of clothes and objects present on it. It’s perfect to shop the outfits of his favorite influencers!

Freelance missions:
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By clicking on the photo, users get information about the product, its price and can even access the online store of the brand.

Interest in brands?
Get closer to the rewardStyle platform, which offers, to collaborate with influencers who will become sales generators for your e-commerce.


#5: is defined as a form of e-commerce inspired by the customer.

Automatically, the platform keeps the photos posted on Instagram, which contain your products. They identify them with hashtags.

The tool handles media rights management by contacting the author of the photo. Brands can then use the photos and include links to take users to their online store!

This solution saves time in the monitoring and animation of his Instagram account, while regularly acquiring new prospects.



It’s up to you to choose the tool that will best meet your needs!


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