E-commerce: 5 dynamic pricing tools to offer the best prices

Dynamic pricing is a technique based on the price analysis of your competitors, the evolution of supply and demand as well as other factors, aiming at setting the right prices at the right price. moment.

Indeed, in e-commerce, constant monitoring of competition, particularly in terms of price, is essential to adapt to any change.

But this monitoring can prove to be too laborious or complex: that is why tools dedicated to the optimization of the prices propose to facilitate you the task by analyzing the market automatically. Here are 5 to try without delay.


Prisync, a reference for dynamic pricing

dynamic pricing


Prisync is intended for all types of e-commerce sites, regardless of their size.

This tool tracks online prices and available stocks to automatically adjust the prices of your products (in accordance with the pricing rules you have set).

Prices are updated 4 times a day (and you are notified in real time), with the objective of increasing your sales and margins.

Rate: from $ 59 per month


Competera, a very complete tool

dynamic pricing


Competera is a complete price optimization software, which allows you to track prices and monitor your competitors’ data day after day.

A dynamic pricing feature is of course included: it examines the prices of the competition, the level of stocks and possible promotions to set up the most advantageous pricing for your e-commerce.

Price: tailored



dynamic pricing


Pricemoov is a French solution for dynamic pricing that offers:

The expertise of data scientists;
An ergonomic and complete interface.
Contact up to 400 customers / month

The tool segments your customers to establish very fine typologies and helps you to optimize your prices and your stock.

Price: tailored


xSellco Repricer, made for Amazon

dynamic pricing


xSellco Repricer is aimed at e-merchants selling their products on Amazon, since it allows to automatically adjust your prices on this site according to the variations of tariffs of the competition.

xSellco promises to help you win Amazon’s “Buy Box”, a real advantage over your competitors selling the same products as you:

dynamic pricing


In parallel, the tool evaluates the potential of each product and determines those who are unlikely to access this famous “box of purchase”.

Price: from 49 € per month


Price2spy, economical for small sites

dynamic pricing


Price2spy is one of the oldest players in dynamic pricing since it was launched in 2011.

With its experience, the tool allows you to constantly monitor your environment and combines 2 repricing mechanisms to help you set the right prices.

What’s more, Price2spy is particularly advantageous for small merchant sites with its highly scalable rates.

Rate: starting at $ 19.95 per month (for a maximum of 100 product URLs)


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