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5 things to know before creating your online store

Creating an online store is now easy and accessible to everyone.

However, before you start, know that to be successful, it is not enough to settle for a commercial site. Above all, you will need to know the consumption habits of your target audience, their preferred communication channels, their motivations and their brakes.

To start your e-commerce successfully, here are 5 things to know before starting your business.


1. Differences in purchase between men and women

Men and women, same shopping habits? Not really ! And it will take into account in your e-commerce.

According to an ecommerce-platforms infographic, women expect a real shopping experience, with beautiful visuals, advice, emailing …

They are also very sensitive to discounts and other vouchers: 74% of women tend to buy a product promotion, against 54% of men.

The female surfer is easily interested in a product that she does not necessarily need in the immediate future, but that might be useful to her someday (you never know!).

Men, on the other hand, are looking for a simple shopping experience and are not really interested in discounts. They are attracted by the precise descriptions of the articles and the opinion of the consumers. They will not buy an item they do not need.

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2. The multi-device search

Consumers are increasingly using their phones and tablets for their online product searches. This does not mean the end of desktops or laptops, on the contrary. These terminals remain useful to finalize the purchase.

Indeed, more than 65% of consumers start their research on a smartphone and validate their purchases on a laptop.

Your site must be mobile friendly, but remember that it must also provide a pleasant browsing experience for computer users.


3. Pre-purchase research habits of consumers do research before their purchases.

They are interested in the opinions and notes of Internet users, as well as testimonials and sites that compare products and prices.

The opinion of others about a company or product helps them to determine the credibility of a brand.

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4. Millenials appreciate discounts

The discounts are always fly with millennials (people born between 1980 and the year 2000).

Instead of offering low-cost, time-limited special offers, offer customers savings opportunities through bargain prices, sales, or coupon codes.


5. The success of gift cards

Gift cards are becoming more and more popular. Internet users consider them safer than payments by bank card, especially in a context where identity theft and other cyber fraud are commonplace.

This is precisely why you will also have to offer gift cards among your other methods of payment.

Also note that these cards make great gift ideas and can boost your sales!

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Of course, not all online shoppers are the same. Constantly monitor their consumption habits and always be ready to adapt.

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