Corporate page or personal profile on LinkedIn: where to put your energy?

“Is it important to have a business page? Or how do I have to get more subscribers on my page? ”

To tell the truth, few members on LinkedIn have already managed to do business through their business page … But, but, but … That does not mean that it is not essential for your brand!

Your LinkedIn business page will never be as important as your personal LinkedIn profile and will not offer you as much opportunity to find new prospects. However, there are many reasons why your business can take advantage of it, so I’ll expand on it later in the article.

To begin, let’s see why your LinkedIn personal profile will always be the basis of your Social Selling.


Your LinkedIn profile is more effective than a LinkedIn business page

When buying a product or service, do you prefer to request information from an automated messenger or an advisor? When you are on social networks do you prefer to interact with a human being or a logo?

From human to human

Nobody likes falling on multiple-choice answering machines when they call their internet service provider: “We did not understand your choice”, how many times did you hear that and hang up enervating? We are sorely lacking human contact and often we have the impression that brands lack human authenticity (fortunately some are exceptions to this rule!).

The most beautiful experiences you have had with a brand are certainly the contact you had with one of the employees of the same company.




The passivity of LinkedIn company pages

LinkedIn company pages do not offer the opportunity to develop relationships, or to have private and individual conversations with targeted prospects.

You are totally dependent on the interactions that come to you organically (they are few) and sponsored publications (so paying).

However, there are companies that manage to get feedback from LinkedIn sponsored publications. With less than a budget, this does not mean that business pages become the cornerstone of your Social Selling strategy.

A successful Social Selling strategy will always be tied to the personal profiles and relationships that you will develop with your prospects. Human relations will always go before the rest and I personally think that it will not change before very long.

As you can see, the best return on investment you will ever have is to train your teams in Social Selling and using their personal LinkedIn profile. Sales people will be able to connect with their prospects individually and start a real relationship. Which is not possible with a LinkedIn company page.

LinkedIn’s personal profiles allow you to be visible in your network

The companies for which Social Selling works are those that know how to take advantage of a new connection and do it appropriately. Most will then achieve or exceed their business goals.



LinkedIn company pages are completely passive and do not allow you to create results when engagement on your page is low.

Personal profiles, on the other hand, offer you unlimited possibilities to find and interact with targeted prospects, if you are ready to devote time:

  • Connect with who you want (or almost). The business page can not make connection requests to prospects. It is nevertheless an essential function to generate new prospects. Fortunately it is feasible with your personal profile. Of course, do not connect with everyone on LinkedIn. Connect essentially with targets in your sector of activity (customers, prospects, partners, influencers …) Always ask, if you can or they can help you, whether for your watch or your business.
  • Send personal messages. You can not send private messages via the company page. I think this simple fact limits business pages to a goal of notoriety, since the only way to make themselves known is to regularly broadcast quality content and sponsored publications. Personal profiles meanwhile, offer you the opportunity to establish a relationship with your connections through private messaging.
  • Publish content directly to LinkedIn Publisher. Although you can share posts with images, videos, and links, you can not publish blog-like content on LinkedIn Publisher with an Enterprise page. With personal profiles, this is what will help you position yourself as an expert in your field and inspire confidence.


Still, the LinkedIn business page remains essential

Even if the LinkedIn business page is not destined to become a gold mine (unless you have a large advertising budget as we have seen previously), it is worthwhile to create one.

We will see, what are the benefits and reasons for setting up a LinkedIn company page for your Social Selling strategy.




Give credibility.

Whether you are a large company or a freelancer, if a potential prospect, customer, or connection wants to know more about your business and can not find it, it can lead to loss of trust or credibility in your business or of your brand.

That said, an incomplete or unprofessional business page can be just as bad. Pay special attention to the information you will integrate.

No gray square.

Having a LinkedIn profile with your company’s or brand’s logo will be the guarantee that it exists and that it has an identity. Your profile becomes more professional, if you have a logo rather than a gray square.

More visibility

Having a business page gives prospects additional ways to find you on LinkedIn. They will be able to see the publications of the company page, job offers and employee profiles.

Read also here how to improve the visibility.

Your employees become ambassadors.

This gives you stronger organic visibility, even if you only have a few employees. In addition, your LinkedIn business page becomes a clickable logo in the personal profiles of every person who works for your business.

Targeted LinkedIn Advertising

To extend the reach of your status updates, or your company’s page in general, you can choose to pay for LinkedIn advertising.

Although advertising on LinkedIn may be more expensive than other social networks, you can target your ads very precisely and reach people who are only on LinkedIn (or almost), such as executives. A good campaign for key decision-makers could be a worthwhile investment.


Have a personal profile and a corporate page on LinkedIn

If you own a business, it is essential to have both a LinkedIn company page and a personal profile.

When creating your business page, set reasonable goals, taking all of this information into account. In the end, your LinkedIn business page is another place where your prospects will be able to learn more about your business and understand how you can help them solve their problems.


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