What is a good community manager in 2019? – Part 2/2

This article is the second part on the subject “What is a good community manager? And what are the qualities he should have to exercise his role effectively and fully. We saw 8 points on our first article and now here are the 8 to follow.


The community manager: State of play – Part 2

We talked about the community manager and his crossing over 10 long years to be today a position recognized by those who use them within their company.

The first part of this inventory reflected a concise account of the positioning of the CM in business among four areas that are mainly present in digital-oriented companies, namely SEO, community management, digital marketing (or webmarketing) and creation of content.

We will now see the problems encountered by this profession and what it has had to deal with over the years.

6 major issues are slowing down the current community manager:


1. The infobsity

Infobity is a real problem facing the community manager and even more so today. This is to make simple more information shared on the internet, including social networks. Many companies share content without optimizing it, and the content becomes invisible to their targets.

The contents no longer show real added value for many of them. Many web editors and bloggers are content to fly over some hot news and thus dilute the readership among all those who bounce on the trend information of the moment. Beside that, creativity is getting poorer and it is becoming difficult to emerge in the midst of ever-increasing content.


2. Difficult SEO Positioning

In the continuity of the infobesity we note the difficulty to position itself on the search engines and in particular Google. The latter regularly modifies his algorithm and imposes new rules in terms of writing or at least it induces them.

A concrete example is the length of posts. According to a fairly recent study, the majority of articles placed on the first page and in the first place on Google contain more than 2000 words. A detail that sets the tone for who seeks visibility today. However, it is very important to remember that the length is not everything and far from it. Still need to follow the rules of the fundamentals of SEO and work its contents on the lexical field of keywords for example.

If the community manager is asked to write and work on this aspect, this is a major problem that he can not solve alone.


3. The volatility of Internet users

If the community manager has always worked on the search for commitment, you must know that Internet users have never been linked to any brand. No one is paid to follow and adhere to the communication of a company.

A surfer is free and he can navigate according to his moods and desires. He is a fan of your brand / page today and it will not be tomorrow. Clearly the actions are not enough so they are redundant from one brand to another.

We run quizzes, we share, we share and in the end communities crumble, users get tired and go elsewhere. How to overcome this volatility? … this is what we will develop in one of the skills that the CM will have to dawn in 2019.


4. The collapse of budgets or their non-existence

Budgets in community management are rare and for good reason, we still do not know how to put a R.O.I in the right place and report the R.O.E. and R.O.A. which are more adapted to the social media.

The return on expectations and the return on commitment. Expectations are the objectives that will be compared to the KPIs (performance indicators) and the commitment will concern all the interactions between the CM and its community.

The famous R.O.I.

Thus the evolution of a community close to a goal of visibility will be much more meaningful than to seek to interpret the R.O.I. which has no place to be. The king. it will be placed further, because the actions of the CM are mainly related to the fact of bringing users on the website of the brand or company, when visibility and traffic are sought. On this subject we mean sell when the user is on the site or convert if we talk about lead generation.

It is only from there that the CM can correctly interpret its numbers. If it increases its community and that it comes to know the content on the site, it will see the products / services offered by the company if the site is well optimized with a conversion tunnel. If we never register any sales despite higher traffic thanks to the work of the CM, we can then make assumptions such as:

  • Is the site sufficiently ergonomic?
  • Does the site load quickly on desktop and mobile?
  • Is the pricing policy adapted to the target?

We can rely on other sources but as such the community manager is not trapped with a R.O.I. who does not look at it anymore. A community manager is not a salesman and he does not work on performance, in other words on carrots. He must be interested in the R.O.I. but its mission must be focused on expectations (objectives) and commitment.


5. The target – The audience

Regarding the target, representing the audience gained over the months and years, there is something to consider when casting content. Only 20% of Internet users will see your content on everyone who shares it, ie 1 in 5 people. 80% of people share content without reading it.

80% of Internet users share content without reading it, that is, only one in five people will take the time to read your content.
One more point with which the community manager must compose today to work visibility.


6. Drop in reach or reach on social networks

It is mainly to Facebook that we will attribute the decline in reach but it is the same on many social networks, such as Linkedin, Instagram and YouTube. If the community manager has no budget, point raised previously, it will be very difficult to counterbalance to gain visibility.

This is why creativity gradually emerges as a flagship skill of the community manager. To be seen, you have to be creative, original, offbeat and add value to the competition. Otherwise the CM may invest in Facebook advertising if the budget is allocated for sponsorship actions.

So what remains to the community manager in all this?

… to be a good community manager! but we will see that one axis can make the difference.



16 qualities that a good community manager should have – Part 2

We will see here the 8 remaining qualities to enumerate, after the first ones we saw on the previously shared post (link at the beginning of the article).


9. Have at least one specialty as added value: The strategy

The community manager should always have a minimum added value to his role and the strategy is part of it. Let’s not forget that the CM is primarily an operational and not a strategist. The community managers who create the strategy are regularly the freelancers who thus have a wider range of skills to position themselves.

By strategy, we mean the implementation of action plans based on one or more issues related to the company. These issues will then become objectives to be achieved. It can be a lack of visibility, traffic, search for notoriety, work on the image etc …

Each of these points therefore requires an action plan to be implemented by integrating a set of steps. To use terms like T.OM.S.T.E.R. the Q.Q.O.Q.C.C.P. or the 5W which are techniques for drawing up an action plan.

community manager


We could to a certain extent place the writing if it is to create content, write articles … because here too it is not necessarily given to all community managers. The community manager is not an editor by the way.

The strategy is not only the result of a classic plan, although the most used in search of visibility. When working on image and brand awareness, then strategy takes on a different form or creativity can make a difference.

Some mechanics developed on social networks like impact messages, web-series etc … can be directly related to the strategic dimension, which is a point not necessarily easy to develop when we do not have predispositions level creativity.

If a person comes to see you and asks you to open an Instagram account with a progression of 2000 qualified subscribers per month, you could quickly be disconcerted. It is necessary to put in context, to analyze each possibility and it is not only the social networks which will have to be considered but the target and especially to be able to analyze it.

Thus one can never say that a request is impossible to concretize, without having a perfect knowledge of the mechanics and the possibilities offered.


10. A good community manager must have an irreproachable writing

It will never be repeated enough and I also inflict it on myself who is not spared by shells (lack of replay time). The writing of a CM must be irreproachable.

By this we mean that mistakes should be avoided and that it is important to re-read oneself before publishing on social networks. You will see that many people like to tackle the misspelled contents … the interest of the shared post would thus become secondary? To avoid shells, there are spell checkers like Antidote for example.

It will be necessary to make continuous efforts if it is not your strong point. Get help in the proofreading, it is preferable … The most delicate being the posts shared within social networks, because a fault that is immediately highlighted among a few dozen words, it can discredit you.


11. Know the fundamentals of SEO

From the moment you write content it is essential to know how to optimize it for search engines. Therefore the community manager will be well advised to know the basics of SEO to know how to optimize its content for Google. If he writes for the company blog for example or even personally.

SEO is an indispensable dimension to know in its bases when one writes, otherwise the risk of not being visible is certain.


12. A good community manager must know how to interpret the numbers

Few community managers can interpret the numbers and calculate a true engagement rate by reporting goals. A good community manager must be able to comment on his actions and know where his role stops. As noted above, a CM is not good at performance and therefore does not work directly to create R.O.I.

The king. will be calculated on shares directly related to a purchase. Working for a business and running a community should not result in a R.O.I. but by commitment to expectations, goals. When calculating a commitment rate, we can have identical values depending on the interactions gained. Which means that without a goal placed upstream, a commitment rate means absolutely nothing!

community manager


The like can quickly become a totally useless interaction within a goal of visibility, especially when we share articles … but we must know and especially understand how the figures are interpreted.

At the end of a reporting, a community manager could question a pricing policy, a site too long to load or other problems that would slow down sales.

By his actions, the CM can hunt down


13. Knowing how to master a set of tools for one’s missions

The tools have always been indispensable to the community manager. Whether it’s automation tools, analysis, video composition, photos … or to create visuals and retouching, there are many. Sometimes too much if you consider that new tools appear every day.

In the middle of all this, the community manager still has the difficult task of knowing up to a dozen or more to achieve effective work. If he wants to save time and optimize his performance, he will need to know some of the most used tools:

Can go
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere
MakeMeStats …
But also tools to search for influencers, extract hashtags, analyze a set of figures etc … We can even add many additional applications Instagram for image editing and management of wording.

Clearly it is about mastering the main tools and knowing how to exploit them at best. This is a point on which the CM can work continuously to learn.


14. The community manager must be a good moderator

Moderation sometimes depends on the person’s character and ability to deal with adversity. It is never pleasant to have to sometimes moderate, and even more so when one directly attacks you.

This aspect of moderation should always make you look at a user or customer as having a valid reason to express dissatisfaction, if that is the case. Outside, the CM must stick to a moderation charter and be ready to ban users or prevent them if they oppose it.

Alas, moderation does not stop only with the discontented people, but also with the trolls, the persons making sure of the self-promo, with others who will try to solicit you every 5 minutes for nothing and towards the cases difficult to handle when there is legitimacy and sometimes bad-buzz.

A good moderator needs to know how to balance things out and not take the attacks for personal settlements. When we attack a CM, we attack the company for which he works, so it is in the name of the company that the CM will speak. We must therefore be measured in his comments and think carefully about the answers given and their consequences.

It is not recommended for the CM to turn a derision or rebound with provocation or humor. While this may defuse a situation, it is better to have some experience and stick to professional exchanges. Do not take the risk of being pinned in the CM Hall of Fame!


15. Master Facebook advertising

Why have to master Facebook advertising? Simply because with the steady decline in reach, many companies will use Facebook Ads to reach their targets. You will therefore have to know how to create audiences, refine them, do A / B testing and produce reports at the end of your campaigns.

Suffice to say that it will stick to have a real mastery, because ads require time and many tests to perfectly meet objectives.

community manager

Advertising on Facebook already requires to understand the Boolean system on requests AND / OR which is simple once past the choice of centers of interests. When targeting interests, we do not use the OU in general but the ET to refine its target. This is a very common mistake among beginner CMs and even some with solid experience.

For example: To be sure to reach a person passionate about community management, we can create an audience by starting with the interest of Community Management AND Digital Marketing AND Social Media etc … until having a refined and small audience according to the budget to invest.

The control of Facebook Ads is a significant specialty for the CM. It must therefore be valued in case of proven expertise on the subject.


16. Create Content: Writing, Image and Video

We know for a fact that the community manager is not a content creator, he is not a content manager … but sometimes, within small structures, he is forced to work on the creation of content.

It is therefore interesting to first discover tools to help creativity, such as Canva, Piktochart for infographics etc … Then it will be wise to strengthen its watch to seek inspiration and study the mechanisms that work, impacting messages etc. …

Do not leave anything to chance and learn about it continually. Creativity can not be improvised, but we can achieve good results if we observe and dissect the campaigns that work.

Writing, video editing and photo editing are worlds that require passion and real know-how to emerge. If you do not have the creative fiber, get help and support internally. You could take charge of a CM team if you move into your position.


There you go ! 16 skills to be acquired to be a good community manager or at least becoming one. Maybe you have questions, or do you have any points to add?


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